Me Pocahontas…You Big Chief

By April 10, 2009 In the News No Comments

So…you’re sitting around the house with not much to do; all your house work is done except for the load of laundry still going in the dryer and you’re pretty bored with today’s soaps. You have all this time on your hands and nothing to do and before you realize it you start thinking about your hubby and wondering how you can surprise him tonight. You start flicking through the TV channels and come across an old western movie.

You’re sitting there not really paying attention to the Indian Squaw and the Cowboy on the screen. You’re too busy trying to think of a way to have some fun when “Darling Husband” gets home. At first you don’t notice the chemistry the two have, but then for a flicker of a moment…nah, the dryer buzzer goes off.

So, now you’re folding the towels just right; you have your special way they must be folded so they all stack up nice and neat. You glance over at the TV and see the Cowboy and Indian woman again. This time you can’t take your eyes off the screen, there is an obvious attraction going on over there! Soon you find yourself day dreaming and you have your DH all dressed up like Big Chief and you’re all Pocahontas looking.

Ding, ding, ding! Your mind starts ticking! That’s it! Pocahontas! We can play Big Chief and Indian! LOL! Now you start planning and need the right costumes. You find the perfect place to purchase your Pocahontas costume and DH’s head dress. With this done you place your order and pick a play date.

At last the big day comes and your costume arrives, boy will DH be surprised tonight! You get in costume…and look maaahvaaahlaas dahling! Pocahontas never looked so good! Now you wait, minutes seem like hours. Soon you hear DH’s car drive up. You hear foot steps then the key in the door…the key turns…the door opens. DH stops in the door way with a confused look on his face. In a very sweet and sexy voice, “Me Pocahontas. You Big Chief.

Ding, ding, ding! His mind starts ticking! He grabs his Big Chief head dress and says, “Let’s send some smoke signals Pocahontas!”

Have you ever played Big Chief and Pocahontas?