Michael Jackson was “The Gloved One” – We’ve Got the Glove!

By September 11, 2009 In the News No Comments

theglovedoneMichael Jackson has gone by many names: The King of Pop, Moonwalker, Peter Pan, Man in the Mirror, Wacko Jacko and, of course “The Gloved One.”

The media nicknamed “The Gloved One” in 1983 because of the now infamous white crystal and beaded glove he wore on his right hand in the music video, Billy Jean. The glove quickly became his trademark and was declared the fashion accessory to have.  In actuality, the glove was a creative way to disguise blotchy discolorations from the beginnings of the skin condition vitiligo. To his unaware fans the glove was an awesome finishing touch to a really cool package sparkly jacket, white socks (to make his fancy footwork stand out), and “the glove.”

The lone glove was unique, rebellious and sexy. Michael Jackson knew how to make it work for him. He took an item meant to be a disguise and turned it into a trend, a stage prop and a persona. It was an integral part of his costume and choreography

Solitary glove of all kinds started appearing on store shelves but there is only one well defined, easily recognizable white sequin glove that everyone attributes to Michael Jackson.

A couple of days ago, the glittery glove worn by Michael Jackson in 1996 when he wed Debbie Rowe in Australia was auctioned off for $49,000.00, twice the amount it was expected to fetch. It was purchased by the Hard Rock Café and Casino and becomes a prized addition to their memorabilia collection.

Since Michael Jackson’s untimely death in June, more and more people want to impersonate, emulate and pay tribute to “The Gloved One.”  Sales of his trademark Michael Jackson costumes have skyrocketed and the sequin glove is the most sought after accessory. You can wear Michael’s glitter, sequin glove for Halloween for just $9.77, a far cry from $49,000 but when you wear it and embrace the spirit of Michael Jackson, it will feel priceless.