Wanna Play? 5 Ways To Play on National Chucky Day

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national chucky day

Wanna play? October 25 marks an important holiday (for horror fans, anyway): National Chucky, the Notorious Killer Doll Day!

It’s time to put on your Chucky Halloween costume and celebrate! While this day may not be celebrated worldwide, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy everybody’s favorite serial killing toy with friends. Costume SuperCenter has five exciting ways to make your Killer Doll Day better than any upcoming Halloween party!

Host a Chucky Movie Marathon

The simplest way to enjoy this day would be to host a marathon of all seven Chucky films. You and your friends will be frightened during the first three Child’s Play films, laugh your butts off through Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky, and be frightened again with the surprisingly entertaining direct-to-DVD sequel, Curse of Chucky.

Watch as your friends debate whether the films were better as thrillers or comedies.

Make a Chucky-Themed Cake!

Using this photo, a few simple ingredients and a little effort, you can make an eerie cake in the shape of Chucky’s head. If you were terrified of this killer doll as a child, this is the time where you can put a positive spin on it and make him into a tasty treat.

Check out this YouTube video for complete instructions on how to make a terrifyingly realistic cake.

Buy Chucky-Themed Party Favors and Decorations!

On Etsy, you can find a variety of interesting crafts based on the popular killer doll. From phone cases and magnets to jewelry and purses, you’re sure to find something for yourself or for your guests. Hand some out as party favors so everyone has something to take with them from this extraordinary night!

Prank Your Friends!

Dolls are always creepy. Why not have a little fun while scaring people? You can always purchase a creepy Chucky doll and plant it in random places such as in the bathroom or kitchen cabinets to terrify unsuspecting guests. Additionally, you can even wear a Chucky mask to increase the fear level and entertainment!

Dress as Chucky!

If you’re going to celebrate a killer doll, you might as well dress the part! Chucky costumes are not just meant for guys either. There are a variety of sexy female Chucky costumes and cute couples outfits. You can even dress as Chucky’s fierce and fashionable bride, Tiffany! These costumes are sure to keep you looking stylish and scary at your big party!

Happy party planning!

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Shop Chucky Costumes

If Chucky isn’t your favorite serial-killing movie star, take a look at the other horror costumes at Costume SuperCenter! There are plenty of options for everybody!

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