On June 23rd, We Wear Pink

On June 23rd, We Wear Pink


Forget about orangePink is the new black, or at least today it is (brace yourself for Mean Girls references).


It’s National Pink Day, which means a few different things:

1. We’re super mad that this didn’t fall on a Wednesday.

(H/T: Tumblr)

2. You might really, really enjoy Aerosmith for 24 hours.

3. …Or you might be wondering if this is a day to celebrate a color or a pop star.

(H/T 1: YouTube) (H/T 2: YouTube)

Although we give it up to all the pink patriarchs out there, pink is most commonly used as a feminine color. In fact there are a TON of things named after the “Pink Lady.”

1. This summertime drink:

pink lady

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2. The girls from Grease:

(H/T: Tumblr)

3. The best apples ever to be picked off the tree (Pink Lady Apples… Duh):


(H/T: Buyfruit)

4. And perhaps most importantly, the color pink is associated with breast cancer awareness, particularly in the month of October.

Whether you want to channel your inner Care Bear, protect the jungle as a unique pink gorilla, terrorize swimmers as a jellyfish, or decorate your lawn as a flamingo, there are plenty of costume options at Costume SuperCenter to help you celebrate. CSC is your place for plenty of pink!

Pink Costumes












So enjoy your day of rosé, but just remember that if you like any color better, Gretchen Weiners has some words for you…

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