5 Reasons Fans Can Be Excited About Season 2 of Daredevil

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While the Marvel Universe has become synonymous with blockbuster films, one of their heroes has taken the smaller screen by storm, and the longest line at New York Comic Con 2015 was dedicated to the blind guardian of Hell’s Kitchen; Daredevil.

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While some might be expecting a sophomore slump from the show that was an instantaneous success in 2015, Executive Producer Joe Quesada, show runners Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez, and cast members Jon Bernthal (Frank Castle), Elodie Yung (Elektra), Elden Henson (Foggy Nelson), Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page), and Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock) took the stage to reassure their fans that Season 2 will be just as well-received as its predecessor.

Costume SuperCenter has the Top 5 reasons that fans can be excited about Season 2 of Marvel’s Daredevil:


As all fans of the show are well-aware, flashbacks were essential to the characters’ storytelling tactics in Season 1. While Marvel didn’t promise the audience at the panel more flashbacks, it was hinted at, and fans are safe to assume that there will be more to come. What about characters who won’t get to tell their story in that way, you ask? Well, it’s safe to assume that all personalities will be able to explain their origins by “peeling back the layers of the onion” in their dialogue with other characters.

Darker, More Emotional Storylines

One pivotal point that Doug ____ made in the Daredevil panel was that if the creators of the show and the fans of the show had two things in common, it’s the passion they have for the Daredevil, and the emotions they have for the world that he navigates, which, of course, is Hell’s Kitchen in New York. By putting the show on premium television via Netflix, they’re able to explore darker routes than fans would see on primetime TV.


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Were you impressed with the “vigilante” outfit of Matt Murdock in Season 1? You’re not alone. Did you love the red leather suit that he debuted later on in the season? So did plenty of others. This is due in part to the fact that all styles shown in Marvel series on Netflix are made by the same costume designers who piece together the looks of your favorite superheroes in Marvel movies.

The Punisher, Frank Castle

Bang. In an exclusive clip shown to the audience at NYCC’s Daredevil panel, fans were graced with the first glimpse of a gun-toting tough guy strolling through a hospital, as he speaks that one word. That one word from The Punisher was enough, as the crowd erupted. Excitement was sustained by Jon Bernthal, who will portray Frank Castle, as he promised that he understood just how important this character is to fans of the Marvel Universe, how honored he was to land the role and how personally responsible he will be for its positive or negative reception.


What’s better than the premiere of one new character? The premiere of two, of course. One split-second of the exclusive Season 2 trailer that was premiered at NYCC was dedicated to Elektra, as she was shown donning the red half mask that makes her so instantly recognizable to comic book enthusiasts. That was more than enough, though, and Elodie Yung, who is slated to play her, backed up the casting decision with her credentials as a black belt in karate and expert in Muay Tai. “Basically,” she said, “I can kick your ass.”

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 is scheduled to debut on Netflix in April 2016.

daredevil cast

Whether you’re a lifelong fan of the Man Without Fear, or newly hooked to the Marvel series, there are plenty of other exciting characters and plot points to come. If you want to protect your city like Matt Murdock or any of his fellow Marvel heroes, check out the impressive selection of Marvel costumes at Costume SuperCenter.