Top Quotes from NYCC’s Firefly Reunion

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Kaylee & River Cosplays, NYCC ’15

How popular could a show be if it got canceled after 14 episodes?

If your answer was “not popular,” well, you’re wrong. Firefly, which premiered on Fox in 2002 and got nixed after its debut season, is still going strong. Gina Torres (Zoe Washburn), Jewels Staite (Kaylee Frye) and Nathan Fillion (Captain Malcom Reynolds) teamed up to face the Verse once again on the Main Stage at New York Comic Con 2015, and had so much to say that Costume SuperCenter decided to bring you the best quotes from the reunion.

“I get myself out? Of course I do.”
-Gina Torres, when asked about the fate of her character in the comics

“I’ve always felt bittersweet about the comics. It’s like a script that I don’t get to perform. It’s such a tease.”
-Jewels Staite, when asked how she felt about the comics

“When the network tells you nobody’s watching, sometimes, the network is wrong.”
-Nathan Fillion

“Jessica is really just Zoe in really, really high heels.”
-Gina Torres, when asked about the comparison between her Firefly role and Jessica Pearson, her character on Suits.

“The set of Serenity was not destroyed. It was dismantled, and I saw someone go in and take things off the walls. I’m looking at (Nathan). No shame.”
-Jewels Staite

“Everybody else.”
-Nathan Fillion, when asked who would leave a bar if Captain Mal Reynolds walked into a bar at the same time as Star Wars’ Han Solo.

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Jayne and Inara Cosplays, NYCC ’15

With a brief appearance from Alan Tudyk (Hoban Washburn), the Firefly reunion seemed to fulfill the cravings of its fans who miss the show so desperately. Between the series, the spinoff movie Serenity and this short, but sweet, panel, the show’s philes don’t even crave a Season 2. Okay… So maybe that’s not true.