What Are Star Wars Fans at NYCC Most Excited To See in Episode VII?

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There’s nobody more excited for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens than members of the team at Costume SuperCenter. Okay, so maybe that was a lie – It seems like some of the attendees at New York Comic Con 2015 are pretty psyched, too.

With a whole new resident of the Dark Side, the first-ever female Jedi and a reunion of Han Solo and everybody’s favorite Wookie, Chewbacca, there are plenty of reasons to line up at your local movie theater at midnight on December 18. Here are a few of the things that NYCC guests are looking forward to seeing in the seventh installment of this legendary franchise.


More R2D2 and BB-8! – Steve, 22


Interested to see Luke’s role as a full-fledged master. – Jansen, 32

Star Wars Fan

Kylo Ren: The Evil Dark Side of the Sith Lord – Anthony, 23


Hoping for a really great movie! – Kyle, 25


Looking forward to POWERFUL Jedi! – Xavier, 23


I want awesome FEMALE Jedi on the big screen! – Ashley, 21


Death of more Jedi! – Darlena, 49


A kickass female Jedi! – Merry, 26


Real sets and practical effects – Danny, 28


Chewy… How he and Han met?! – Jose, 41

It’s easy to see why Jedi and Sith Lords can’t wait for The Force Awakens, and it’s probably safe to assume that you’re excited, too! If you’re attending a convention, heading to the midnight showing of Episode VII or just want to stop a few evildoers in your living room, Costume SuperCenter can hook you up with the Star Wars costumes to help you out!

*All images courtesy of Corianne Egan

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