OK…What’s Going On With All These Men?

By April 23, 2009 In the News No Comments

Ok, we’ve all had those friends that take dressing up to the extreme! How many times can a person “wear” their outrageous personality and get away with it?

Yes I know the “Country Lovin’ Adult Costume” ain’t for everybody. Wow… did you hear the twang in that? LOL But c’mon! That is funny stuff! I would probably pee my pants if I saw one of my friends walk up in one of those!

Then there is always a guy in the crowd that thinks he’s a pimp…paaaleeeze! But what the heck! If he wants to dress up in purple, by all means! He can have his pimpin’ day!

Then there is always another one in the crowd that thinks he can get some extra attention with one of these!

One of the funnier “dress up times” for a guy is when they slap on some make-up, a wig and some fake boobs! There is nothing funnier than watching a guy try to walk around in a pair of high heels with big boobs and some lipstick on. I think this “bar maid” should have some heels on too. Every guy should have to dress up all pretty and strut around in a woman’s world for a day! LOL

Can you imagine that? You walk out your door and the guy across the street has on a dress. Of course you giggle to yourself and think, “Wow… never knew Francus liked to wear dresses! I wonder what else I don’t know about him…hmmm” You brush it off and think nothing more of it.

You’re on your way to work and stop for your morning coffee at your favorite coffee shop. When you pull up to the service window you see Lucas is wearing a wig and make-up. Your first thought is to tell him he should wear a red color to match his red nail polish. Then suddenly you realize, “This is crazy! What the heck! Oh wait… they must have dress up at work day today.” So you think nothing of it and drive off to work.

It’s 8:20am and you pull to work and park your car in the closest spot you can find. You turn off the car and reach for the door handle when you notice Stefan adjusting his skirt as he tries to find a graceful style of walking in those stilettos! Suddenly something catches your attention to the left, it’s Geronimo. He’s fallen in his knee length tight slimming skirt and can’t get up!

You are dazed and confused. “What is going on?” As you get this thought out you look to the right and there is Christine dressed in a gangster pin stripe suit! Then you remember! The whole town is cross dressing for charity today and you forgot!

“Well it was a good parking spot while I had it!”