2014 Popular Halloween costumes
If you are looking to see what everyone will be wearing this year, then we are your source for the best of the best Halloween costumes.

Our most popular costumes of the year are based on several factors. First, we choose them based on sales forecasts. Early in the season, before the  The costumes we anticipate to be the best selling are on the list. It is also based on the popularity of the subject matter. The hottest new blockbuster superhero movie or latest pop culture phenomena always make the list.

Our lists are in random order. Therefore, what you see as #1 on the list is not necessarily the best selling. Our aim is not to provide sales statistics but rather to inform you of the current trends in Halloween costumes so you can make an informed buying decision.

If you want to get the greatest costume that everyone will be talking about and you want to be a person in the know, then check out our listings for this year.

Popular Boys Costume Ideas for 2014

Popular Girls Costume Ideas for 2014

Popular Couples Costume Ideas for 2014