2014 Popular Girls Costumes

popular girls costumes for 2014
Little girls love to dress up and they want to look extra-special on Halloween. In 2014 the selection focuses on princesses and girl power! We have a large selection of costumes at low prices so you can find the right one that fits your child and her personality. Trends are important to girls – just wait until they get in their teens – so your daughter will want to have the newest styles that are available and we can help you with that. Here are the top girls costumes for 2014.


Every little girl wants to be a princes so let your child dress as Anna or Elsa from the popular Disney movie, Frozen. Our licensed selections include a stunning replica of Anna’s coronation gown and Elsa’s blue snow queen outfit. Frozen tells the tale of two princess sisters and unlike many other movies, the prince does not save them, they save themselves. Girls love to dress up as these strong teens and they love singing songs from the movie even more. If you want to have a younger brother wear a matching outfit, purchase our toddler Olaf costume. Sophia the First, Merida and Tinker Bell are just a few of the other Disney princess costumes that are new this year.

For the girl who wants to dress as royalty but doesn’t want to be a specific character, we have a number of stunning princess and queen costumes, including ice queen, medieval gowns and empress dresses.


If your little girl would prefer to be a villain, or perhaps a reformed villain, buy her a Maleficent dress. The live action movie, Maleficent, tells the story of Sleeping Beauty but from the evil fairy’s point of view; and we find out that maybe she wasn’t so evil after all. We have several options for older girls in sizes 7-16, including a slightly edgy teen/tween design. Complementing Aurora outfits are offered in girls’ sizes 4-20. Outfits based on the classic Sleeping Beauty animated film can be ordered in toddler and child sizes.

Girl Power

Not every young lass wants to dress as a princess, which is why the Girls’ Pink Power Ranger Costume is so popular. You probably remember the Power Rangers from your youth and now it is your child’s turn to don the outfit of this superhero. In in the Power Rangers Super Megaforce, the pink ranger is Emma Goodall. She believes strongly in protecting nature and the environment. While she is a sweet girl and generally the most cheerful of all the rangers, you don’t want to mess with her when she is protecting the planet.  Girls love the combination of sweetness and toughness and she is a role model for many. Perhaps your child loves her too?

Other superhero costumes we carry include Batgirl, Supergirl and Spidergirl outfits, all updates to classic characters, as well as Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.


We have many more outfits to choose from, just check out our New for 2014 Section for a complete list.