Popular Couples Costumes From 2012

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Whether you’re hosting a Halloween costume party for adults or you have been invited to one, it’s always more fun to coordinate your costume with a friend or partner and go as a couple! Costume SuperCenter has the best ideas for couples costumes because they were chosen by you! Based on what our customers like best, here are some ideas that will make dressing up twice the fun.

  1. Decades costumes (50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s)
  2. Pirate costumes – Jack and Angelica perhaps
  3. Video Games
  4. Superheroes
  5. Wild Wild West
  6. Gangster or Gangster/Flapper
  7. Cartoon characters
  8. Vampires
  9. Greek and Roman – gods, goddesses and gladiators
  10. Sports themed outfits


Basically any two costumes that go together will work but the above mentioned are the best selling combinations. There are so many different options, like decades – go as two hippies from the 60’s, a flapper and gangster from the 20’s or even a Car hop girl and a Greaser from the 50’s.

Other themes that work well for two, regardless of gender include the Wild West, Pirates and Greek and Romans. You can play cowboys and Indians, dress up as swashbuckling buccaneers who patrol the high seas or rule the evening as Zeus and Athena. Let your imagination run wild.

More ideas for the Halloween couple include Video Game characters like Mortal Kombat and Super Mario, Superheroes like Batman and Robin or Batman and Cat Woman, Sport themed costumes such as a boxer and a referee and much, much more!

Dont forget that opposites attract too – take angel and devil duos for example. So grab a friend, spouse or partner find a costume pairing that suits you best.
As you can see, no matter who you are partnering up with, there are couples costumes for you!