Popular Girls Costume Ideas for 2013

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Try something new this Halloween and check out all of our new for 2013 costumes for girls. We wanted to make picking out an outfit even easier for you this year, so we’ve put together a list of the top ten new girl’s costumes for 2013. This list includes every hot item that little girls want (in no particular order), featuring characters that range from monsters to fairies to Disney princesses.

1. Girl’s Barbie Cheerleader Costume

It’s tough to beat a classic. Barbie has been around for over fifty years and has worked in more fields than you can imagine. This outfit is one of Barbie’s more lighthearted hobbies, and your daughter will look adorable in the pink cheerleader get-up. This item is perfect for younger girls.

2. Girl’s Tinkerbell Fairy Classic Costume

Again, we have a classic character here – this time from the world of Disney. Your little girl can become the most famous fairy out there with this Tinkerbell outfit. Get your pixie dust ready because she’ll feel like she’s flying when wearing this lovely costume.

3. Despicable Me Girl’s Female Minion Costume

Every child wants to have some minions of their own after seeing the Despicable Me movies. Well, this outfit will let your daughter actually become one of those little yellow helpers. This costume is perfect for younger girls who enjoy the adorable characters in the movies.

4. Girl’s Deluxe Lalaloopsy Dyna Might Costume

Every little girl wants to be a superhero, so this Dyna Might costume is perfect! Dyna Might is a Lalaloopsy doll that was sewn on National Superhero Day, and she has a pet raccoon. This item is a great opportunity for your daughter to dress up like a superhero and portray one of her favorite dolls at the same time.

5. Girl’s Snow White Sparkle Costume

With this outfit, your little girl can become one of the most popular Disney princesses. Snow White might live with a bunch of dwarfs, but there is nothing small about her character. Now, it might not be time to find her Prince Charming just yet, but your daughter can enjoy this costume nevertheless.

6. Girl’s Tween Hooded Huntress Costume

With the popularity of The Hunger Games, this Hooded Huntress costume is bound to be a hit. This outfit will make your daughter look just like Katniss, the brave and intelligent protagonist from The Hunger Games franchise. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is the second installment in the film series and is scheduled to hit theaters this November. This item is perfect for tweens and teens!

7. Girl’s Toddler Doc McStuffins Deluxe Costume

Plenty of little girls want to be doctors, so now they can become their favorite child doctor! Doc McStuffins is a very popular character amongst toddlers and young girls, and she is a great role model. Her real name is Dottie and she pretends to fix and take care of her toys, but once she puts on her stethoscope, the toys magically come to life. Dottie is a newer character that is bound to become a classic.

8. Girl’s Sofia the First Deluxe Costume

There aren’t many little girls who don’t have aspirations of becoming a princess someday. Well, Sofia the First is a princess-in-training, which is perfect for toddler girls. Your daughter will have the opportunity to learn from the best princess there is: her mother. Soon enough, she’ll grow out of the outfit and be ready to wear the shoes of a true princess.

9. Girl’s Cinderella Sparkle Costume

If the shoes fit, then this Cinderella outfit is the next step in the process. Cinderella is the most famous Disney princess, and a heavy majority of little girls grow up wanting to be her. Not only is this costume a classic, but the character seems to be transcendent of time. Even princesses have a curfew, though.

10. Girl’s Jinafire Monster High Costume

Our number one new costume for 2013 is this Jinafire costume from Monster High. Many little girls have become obsessed with the Monster High dolls, as well as the popular webisode series. Jinafire is the daughter of a Chinese dragon, and she is the hottest new Monster High doll. Your daughter and her friends will have a blast dressing up as their favorite Monster High characters, so be sure to check out the rest of the gang.

Happy Halloween 2013!  If you are curious to see what the top girl’s costumes were last year click here.

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