Most Popular Halloween Costume Trends 2018

Tops Costume Trends for 2018

As Halloween draws near, it’s time for our annual predictions for the most popular costumes of the year. These predictions, decided upon by a complex network of algorithms, think tanks of social scientists, flipped coins and darts thrown blindly at pictures, prove useful for those looking for a trending costume that everyone is talking about or as an indicator of what to avoid if you want a more unique costume to stand out in the crowd.

Check out what’s happening in current Halloween fashion, and revisit our predictions from the past in this comprehensive infographic. With some new faces and a few yearly staples, wherever your Halloween celebration takes you, you are likely to run into at least one of these hot costumes of 2018.

Top Halloween Costume Trends for 2018

Our 2018 Predictions

#1: Inflatable T-Rex

No surprise that leading the pack we find Rexy, the celebrated T-Rex from the Jurassic World franchise. With an award-winning inflatable costume design, no Jurassic fan can resist this fearsome and eye-catching head-to-toe spectacle.

#2: Black Panther Costume

The inevitable Marvel selection this year can only go to one hero. Smashing records at the box office and bad guys on the silver screen helped place Black Panther costumes in the number two spot. If there is trick-or-treating to be had, expect to see at least three or four little heroes-in-training representing this amazing new edition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

#3: Harry Potter Costume

Harry Potter and his Hogwarts friends have been among the top costumes since the character’s inception, and that trend does not appear to be slowing down in 2018. With the scope of The Wizarding World expanding into the Fantastic Beasts movies, interest in the boy wizard and all things magical are still on the rise.

#4: Dash Costume from The Incredibles

We’re used to seeing Disney princesses in the top five list, but this year Disney has a pint-sized superhero racing up the chart. Dash, the Dennis the Menace of The Incredibles movies, is winning over hearts at the theaters and serious costume consideration from anybody who wants to make a powerful entrance this Halloween. It helps that the whole family can find and Incredibles costume of their own.

#5: Unicorn Costume

Mystical, beautiful and with countless costuming options, bringing up the rear of the list is the classic Unicorn. These fantastic beasts have been trotting in and out of pop culture for centuries. Unicorn Costumes are really having a moment right now and we think it’s magical.

Consider these and the other past selections as you settle on the costume you want to be remembered for this year. Stay ahead of the curve and you’ll have an outfit that is that is conversation-starting and absolute Instagram gold!

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