Princess Costumes

By February 17, 2009 In the News No Comments

Dressing up like a princess has always been a fun way to spend time for little girls. Actually, it’s something that the big girls like just as much though they may never day it. For a lot of us, our wedding day is an opportunity to wear a something that looks like a princess costume without people thinking that we’re strange. But when we were little, nothing was quite as beautiful to us as a pretty princess costume.


There may have only been a couple of versions of the princess costume when I was little, but today every little girl wants princess costumes and plenty of them. It’s not just pink costumes with pointy hats these days- there are pink, blue, yellow, purple and red princess costumes now, with or without the pointy hat. They also come in a lot more styles than they did when I was in the market for my own princess costume.

Some little girls are sensible princesses who just want something soft and shiny and don’t care much about the adornments. Other little girls are extravagant princesses who want all the ruffles, lace and flowers that can possibly be fit on a dress. There are plenty of styles to please any little princess from the tomboy who wants to be a princess but doesn’t want to admit it to the most girlie princess who wants plenty of layers and plenty of sparkle.

There is the realistic princess costume for a medieval or Renaissance look. There is the fairy princess for the girl who loves both fairies and princesses. There is also the Indian princess with lots of fringe to shake.

For some girls, the goal is to look like their favorite movie princess. Every movie that features a princess now has its own tie-in costume to make that a reality. There’s no reason to try to find a dress that looks kind of like the princess in a little girl’s favorite movie- there are dresses that are made to look just like them. I would have worn nothing else if they’d had those when I was a little princess.

And if you can’t stand the thought of being left out of all the fun, there are plenty of frilly princess costumes that are made for adults. When was the last time you dressed up like a princess?