Propose to Your Love in Costume this Valentine’s Day

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engagement ring in fortune cookie

engagement ring in fortune cookie

According to statistics, 6 Million people proposed to their significant others last Valentine’s Day. If you are planning to pop the question on that day, or any day, you want to make it memorable.

The people in the videos below, however, got it right. We found five amazing videos of guys that proposed on video and in costumes. In some cases you won’t believe the lengths they went through to make everything perfect. Warning: have your tissues ready.

Fairytale Costume proposal: family and friends gathered dressed as almost every imaginable Disney character. The lengths this future groom took to make a fairytale proposal is amazing.

Peter Pan Proposal: This is the proposal of a lifetime for a young woman that is a lifelong fan of Peter Pan.

Gorilla Suit engagement: This guy dresses in a gorilla suit and goes to the school where his girlfriend works to propose to her in front of her class.

Police SWAT Team proposal:  A movie trailer, cops and flash mob, red carpet walk, police cars and sirens make this one a night to remember.

Shakespearian proposal: this actor interrupts a performance but remains in character while one of his costars brings his lucky lady on stage.

I can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy when I hear about someone’s romantic proposals. When I became engages it was planned and thought out and hardly a surprise. Instead of getting on one knee in some romantic setting and asking, “Will you marry me?” my future husband sat beside on the couch, handed me a little box (already knowing my answer would be yes) and professed, “Well, here. I love you. I hope you like how it came out.” Not exactly the story you tell your kids. Take some advice from the guys in these videos and make it phenomenal.

If you are planning to pop the question, it doesn’t matter whether you are staging some elaborate presentation or planning an intimate evening, adding a theme and even a costume will make it even more dramatic and memorable.