Happy National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day!

It’s no secret – Pumpkin Spice Season is in full effect! One of the best parts about Autumn is the endless amount of pumpkin-flavored goodies, so it isn’t a coincidence that National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day falls just before Halloween!

Costume SuperCenter wants to help you celebrate this exciting holiday, so we compiled the Top 10 reasons you should already be head over heels for this delectable dessert.



Image via lifetasteslikefood.com

…because look how cleanly separated all of those ingredients are.


cheesecake fork

Image via laurafriendly.com

…because it slides onto your fork so perfectly that eating it is practically effortless.


cream cheese icing

Image via thesweetlifeonline.com

…because it’s kind of healthy. Learn how to make this vegan recipe.


Baking Cheesecake

Image via livepretty.com

…because it’s even beautiful when it’s being made. (Seriously, how many foods can you say that about?)


cream cheese icing

Image via gastrofare.com

…because you just really, really like cream cheese icing.


Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcakes

Image via beachbakeaholic.blogspot.com

…but maybe you prefer smaller portions.


Cinnamon sprinkle

Image via deliciousasitlooks.com

…because you might just keep cinnamon sprinkles handy at all times.



Image via kitchenography.typepad.com

…because pumpkin cheesecake can make even a single pecan look aesthetically pleasing.


Caramel Drizzle

Image via icancookthat.org

…because you can drizzle a little bit of caramel over the top of your pumpkin cheesecake.


pumpkin cheesecake

Image via Cheesecake Factory

…because look. Just look.

So, it doesn’t matter how you make your pumpkin cheesecake or where you buy it from. The point is that you’re not already celebrating, you should be! Check out these great pumpkin-themed party supplies from Costume SuperCenter, and put a slice on your plate!

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