Recent Shark Sightings Will Continue Through Halloween

By August 6, 2010 In the News No Comments

Up and down the east coast their have been an unusually high number of shark sightings.  Scientists believe the unusually warm weather has led to an abundance of food close to shore for the sharks to eat.  This is bad news for beach goers but great news for Halloween costume sales and the PR people for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

Sharks are out there all summer long but they typically don’t come very close to shore until September when most people are not around. However, the warm water has not just brought them close to shore; it has brought them on shore! Reliable sources have confirmed that this video of a shark that swam right on to the sand in Seaside Park, NJ was looking for Snooki but retreated in disappointment when he did not see her.

Costume Supercenter sees this video as proof that sharks do come on land. We predict that land shark sightings will be at an all time high on Halloween in places as far inland as Nebraska and as high above sea level as the Colorado Rockies. Be on the lookout – no one is safe! The land shark can be identified by its gray foam body, enormous dorsal fin and gaping wide mouth. If he has attacked recently you may see remnants of his most recent victim hanging out of his mouth.

Warning: If you decide to wear the Man Eating Shark Costume for Halloween and you see Snooki, please resist the urge to eat her. Reality TV will never be the same without her and The Situation may kick your ass.