Renaissance Festival Season is Heating Up

By May 22, 2009 In the News No Comments

The renaissance festival season will be in full swing soon so fine tune your act and choose your new costume ensembles for this season. I will be touching up my wardrobe in preparation for an exciting season.


My role this year will be as story teller, reporter, photographer and publicist for some renaissance role players. I might get the opportunity to interview some greats in this historic setting filled with medieval villages where their arts, crafts, and customs are displayed.

Theater plays a large role in this event. While I am not an act, per se, my role takes on a theatrical side because of the story telling. Essentially, that is my role.

Now you might be able to find me later in the season displaying my talent in other crafts such as the needle arts and beading. First, I have to prepare my wardrobe, set my itinerary, line up my story subjects and arrange interviews. Then you know what I have to do after that. You guessed it. I’m shopping for an entire wardrobe for this season.   It promises to be an exciting one, as you will see if you follow the news in renaissance land.

You can help me select some of my costumes so let’s get busy shopping. If you have seen my profile then you saw the outfit I’m wearing. It’s sort of a noble gown and crown to fit the role of renaissance pirate queen. I want to let you know that I do like diversity in my fashion. Sometimes I want to look the part of a pirate and other times I take on a more demure role of a maiden.   As a storyteller, I’m uncertain about all the different types of styles that I can wear so we’ll explore little bit into that area.

Watch for the latest line ups for renaissance faires and festivals. I’ll tell you about some of the upcoming ones this summer but you can look online to find more. Just search for “renaissance festivals” and the listing that comes up should be extensive. Then choose your event, pick your role if you are performing, take an audition and find the greatest clothing to show off your love of medieval garb.

I receive updates from some of the shows so I can share the calendars with those whom I meet on my journeys. This is an awesome poster that contains information about a faire in Missouri.


This is just one of many events on the calendar nationwide for this summer. It will be my pleasure to talk about some of them here and give you details such as dates and locations. I want to focus on the themes of these events though and all the great costumes everyone will be wearing.

The Texas Renaissance Festival is an actual village so that would be one to visit. It features weekend activities and shows for about two months. Another event takes place in Utah.