Rick and Morty QuoteGraphics

Rick and Morty Quote Graphic

Looking for a new show to binge watch? Maybe you’ve heard about Rick and Morty but were thinking, “it’s just a cartoon…I don’t know.” Simply put, it’s a show about a multi-generational family navigating life’s sticky situations. While that may sound mundane and basic, things get twisted by multi-dimensional sci-fi adventures in each episode that test the limits of the family bonds.

This animated series tackles the same everyday problems many families face, with a liberal sprinkling of existential paranoia on top. It should also be noted, the conflicts are all presented in the most (pardon our French) f**ked up way possible. Like the family therapy episode where Rick flakes out to avoid emotional manipulation through psychoanalysis. One thing leads to another and Rick ends up as a pickle assassin fighting to find his way back to his family (an actual pickle that kills, not an assassin that kills pickles). The episode winds down gracefully with deep and thoughtful words of wisdom spoken by the therapist, then a quick poop joke (spoken by none other than Susan Sarandon).

SPOILER ALERT (maybe we should have lead the post with that)! Here’s the clip.

Did we mention it isn’t exactly meant for children? Although the series is animated, the content is… umm… mature. But it’s also very, very immature- full of balls references and fart jokes. The writing in the series is *kisses fingers like Italian chef* perfectly balanced between highbrow and lowbrow humor!

And that pretty much sums up Rick and Morty. Grab the remote and start streaming. Why not get into character before you start that binge. Check out our full line of Rick and Morty costumes here!

We gathered up a few memorable lines doled out by the stars of the show. Feel free to print these posters out for personal use or share them on social media or use as toilet paper- we won’t judge!

Rick and Morty QuoteGraphic - Rick

Rick tells it like it is, and sometimes he needs to be bleeped!

“What, so everyone’s supposed to sleep every single night now? You realize that nighttime makes up half of all time?

“Weddings are basically funerals with cake.”

“That’s planning for failure, Morty… Even dumber than regular planning”

“It’s like Inception, so if it’s confusing and stupid then so is everyone’s favorite movie”

“Alright Morty don’t break an arm jerking yourself off.”

“Let’s get riggity WRECKED!”

[on school] “I mean, it’s not a place for smart people, Jerry. I know that’s not a popular opinion, but that’s my two cents on the issue”

“I try to shelter you from certain realities, Morty, ‘cause if I let you make me nervous, then we can’t…get schwifty!”

“Listen Morty, I hate to break it to you, but what people call ‘love’ is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed.”

“Wubba lubba dub dub!”

“As far as Grandpa’s concerned, you’re both pieces of sh*t. yeah I can prove it mathematically.”

Rick and Morty QuoteGraphic - Morty

Morty may be insecure, but puberty was a rough time for many of us. Having his grandfather drag him through time and space builds character, right?

“Well then get your sh*t together, get it all together and put it in a backpack, all your sh*t, so it’s together.”

“Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. We’re all going to die. Come watch TV.”

“This is insane! Spleen Mountain? Bladder Falls? Pirates of the Pancreas?”

“I masturbated to an extra-curvy piece of driftwood yesterday!”

“That just sounds like slavery with extra steps”

“I mean, why would a Pop-Tart want to live inside a toaster, Rick? I mean, that would be like the scariest place for them to live. You know what I mean?”

“Stop saying it like it’s a thing!”

“Wow, Rick. They say don’t do drugs, but, I think this might be a case for ‘em.”

“Well, Summer, maybe people that create things aren’t concerned with your delicate sensibilities, y’know?”

“Okay. All right, tough guy. But if my adventure’s good, I get to be in charge of every third adventure?”

“Hey, Dad? Nobody’s smarter than Rick, but nobody else is my dad. You’re a genius at that.”

“Mr. President, if I’ve learned one thing today, it’s that sometimes you have to not give a f*ck!”

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