Santa Clause is Coming Again

By November 12, 2009 In the News 8,411 Comments


Does anyone else out there realize that Christmas is still over a month and a half away?  Its one thing to see the stores setting up their Christmas displays and toy retailers mailing out their big catalogs but you must admit it still doesn’t feel like Christmas.  I thought about what it is that makes it feel like Christmas. Is it the cold weather? Only in parts of the country where is gets cold. Is it putting up your tree? No, too many other things happen before you get to tree trimming.  After some thought and consideration I have narrowed it down.  The holiday season doesn’t become completely official until you reach these 4 specific criteria:

  1. You hear Christmas music on the radio
  2. Santa appears at the mall
  3. Live trees go on sale
  4. You see men on ladders hanging lights

Once these four things happen there is no turning back. No matter where in the world you live, if you celebrate Christmas these 4 things need to happen to reach the point of no return. Then the season will be upon us.

But time it going fast. I already heard my first Christmas song on the radio and the fountain in the middle of the mall has been emptied in order to set up Santa’s workshop. Before you know it, thousands of Santa’s Helpers will don their Santa Suits and get their laps ready so they can here the Christmas wishes of millions of excited children. And soon, on your drive home from work, empty patches of land and parking lots will become roadside Christmas tree stands and the smell of pine will fill the air. And weekends will be dedicated to untangling Christmas lights, setting up the ladder and loading the staple gun. Then and only then will it become the season to be jolly.

For now, there is still time. Time to enjoy the remaining days of autumn; time to plan for Thanksgiving, play football and save a few more dollars to put toward Christmas shopping. So, ho ho ho and fa la la la la, here we go again!