Santa is Real to Those Who Believe

By February 2, 2010 In the News No Comments

Santa Claus is so much more than the man in the red Santa suit. He is a beautiful symbol of giving and spirit during the holidays.  Believe in his kindness and his joy. Believe in his optimism and his determination. By doing so, Santa will be alive and well in all of us. This Christmas let’s “keep it real” and ask, “What would Santa do?”

Santa would:

  • Do an anonymous good deed
  • Give to someone less fortunate
  • Let friends and family know they are loved and appreciated
  • Smile at everyone he sees
  • Make the most of each day
  • Try to see the nice in everyone and forgive some of the naughty
  • Lend a helping hand (and his tools) even if he didn’t feel like it
  • Go without something so a child could have more
  • Bring a meal to an elderly neighbor or sick friend
  • Spend more quality time with the kids
  • Invite the neighbors over even if it’s just this one time each year
  • Appreciate the riches in life that have nothing to do with money.

Santa Claus gives selflessly and expects nothing in return. His gift is the happiness his deeds bring to others. This season, consider being Santa Claus to friends, relatives, neighbors and strangers. A random act of kindness could make a world of difference to someone even if do doesn’t cost a cent. So this Christmas season do what Santa would do.