Scarlet’s Tattered Costumes vs. Our Scarlet Costumes

By August 16, 2010 In the News No Comments
Scarlet Red

Scarlet O’Hara would be terribly upset if she could see the tattered condition of her beautiful dresses. She would most certainly prefer the pristine Scarlet dresses from Costume SuperCenter.

Word has it that her beautiful dresses are in tatters. The organization that holds them is looking to raise $30,000 for their restoration. 30K seems a bit steep to me. In this economy is seems wasteful to restore the Scarlet O’Hara costumes to new. I’d rather see them displayed in their current condition. It would make them seem like they survived the events that happened in the story. It would also lend to the idea that they are civil war era rather than 1939.

If you want beautiful Scarlet O’Hara costumes you must see our Gone with the Wind selections. The ones we have picked for our line are so close to the original we have shown them in this blog side-by-side. These Gone With the Wind costumes depict this beloved character in the lovely Green and White Picnic Costume, the Red Nightgown Costume and the Women’s Scarlet O’Hara White Southern Belle Costume.

For all the male enthusiasts of the movie we have a very handsome Rhett Butler Costume that pairs perfectly with any of our any of our Scarlet dresses to create the perfect Gone With The Wind couple’s costume.