Brimming With Girl Power: 10 Sexy Plus Size Costumes

By October 6, 2015 Lists No Comments

Being strong is sexy! You can embrace the strength and fierceness of superheroes, queens and other powerful females, no matter what size you are. Luckily, Costume SuperCenter has styles sure to have you exuding girl power and looking hot at the same time!


1. Morticia

You won’t be creepy and kooky, but you’ll definitely look mysterious, spooky and sexy as the iconic Addams Family matriarch, Morticia! You can turn this look into a couples outfit with a wide assortment of Addams Family costumes or you can wear it by yourself as Gomez’s widow!

2. Harley Quinn

Arkham Asylum never looked this good. If your personal Joker is out of town, it’s time to have some fun on your own as Harley Quinn! The iconic Batman villain will showcase your darker, sultry side as you take over Gotham City and beyond.


3. Evil Queen

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the sexiest one of all? The Evil Queen has always been a style icon and now, it is your time to assume the throne. However, if being evil is not your thing, you can also dress as her nemesis, Snow White!

4. Robin Hood

Robin has always been a gender-neutral name, so why not put your own spin on this classic hooded character? This stunning outfit will add some mystery to your look that will surely impress everyone in Sherwood Forest!


5. Black Widow

Black Widow doesn’t have her own movie yet, but now you can star as the sexy S.H.I.E.L.D. agent! Whether you’re fighting alongside the Avengers or leading a solo mission, you’ll always turn heads while saving the world as Natasha Romanoff.

6. Red Queen

You’ve always been a queen and now it’s time to show it off! You’ll rule Wonderland as the Queen of Hearts in this sexy costume. You can go as a group with others dressed in Alice in Wonderland themed costumes or rule the party on your own!


7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Who said the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had to be boys? This seductive costume allows you to channel your inner Raphael as you save the world from Shredder. You’ll have everyone screaming “cowabunga” at your next Halloween or pizza party!

8. Ninja Assassin

No one will see you coming as this sexy ninja assassin. Whether you want to fight crime or just add an air of mystery to the occasion, this costume will give you everything you need. Pair it with your favorite ninja weapons to complete the look!


9. Army Combat Warrior

You were always a strong, powerful soldier and now it’s time to let everyone else know! This sexy costume will keep you ready for combat while turning heads. Pair with your favorite accessories or weapons to add a fierce element to your outfit.

10. Comic Book Girl

If Black Widow or Wonder Woman doesn’t speak to you, then you can always channel your inner-superhero and develop your own epic origin story. The corset-like design will accentuate your beautiful figure as you fight crime in whatever city!

Didn’t find the Plus Size Sexy Costume you were hoping to see? Don’t sweat it! Costume SuperCenter has so many others, and all of them will have you feeling fierce and fabulous this Halloween!