So Many Alice In Wonderland Costumes to Choose From


There are so many different Alice in Wonderland costumes from which to choose so how do you decide?  Alice in Wonderland costumes have been popular for years. Lewis Carroll’s vivid imagination created these characters and their costumes. They are all truly befitting Halloween costumes and through the years there are been many variations of these costumes, be it sexy, gothic or brand new as is the case with Tim Burton’s new Alice in Wonderland Costumes.

Here are some ideas to help you decide, courtesy of Costume SuperCenter:

Do you dare to bare? If so, a sexy Alice in Wonderland costume will be just right for you. Short skirts for flirty petticoats and sexy thigh high stockings will get the party started.

Are you not one that gets caught up in gender stereotypes? Well then you might consider a women’s Sexy Mad Hatter costume.

Are you feeling like an evil queen?  The Queen of Hearts costume is the perfect Halloween costume for the woman in charge. Take command of the evening, and the beheadings in a Queen of Hearts costume.

Did you just see the movie and want all new Alice in Wonderland Costumes? Well you’re in luck because Tim Burton’s versions of the Alice costume, the Mad Hatter Costume and the Queen of Hearts costume (also referred to as the Red Queen Costume) are coming soon. Look for them to be available for pre-sale in April.

Alice in Wonderland costumes are a fun idea for Children’s Halloween costumes and adults Halloween costumes or theme party outfits. On behalf of the Halloween costume world we thank Lewis Carroll and Tim Burton for their inspirations and hope you enjoy wearing them to your next costume party.