Sponsor an Indiana Jones Adventure for your Friends

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If you like real excitement then I have an idea for an adventure party for you! Host an Indiana Jones style adventure and invite all your friends and family who love mystery and intrigue. This type of theme party is complete with treasure hunt and a quest for lost artifacts.   Play this game cyber style or host a real live adventure. Plan a trip to an ancient land like Petra, Jordan where part of the actual Indiana Jones movie was filmed.

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Since I liked this movie series so much and really embraced the concept of ancient treasures buried in lost civilizations, I thought that other people must also revere it. Maybe you never heard of Indiana Jones so in your case, I’m making a huge assumption. I suggest that if you have never seen any of these movies, then please rent one now and watch it. Then you’ll be hooked like me. Once you see the movie, you will know how people could fall in love with the idea of treasure hunts and quests fashioned after the movie. You’ve probably heard of Star Trek and their fans are called “Trekkies”. Well, it’s the same concept.

I was not really surprised to find an abundance of listings for this type of theme party so I decided to introduce it to all of you. Together, we can enjoy creating some live scenarios and travel around the world together Indiana Jones style looking for secret treasures or unlocking ancient mysteries.

You will need some basic supplies to help you search the ruins for clues in your quest for the lost treasure. Remember, the bad guys will be hot on your trail so bring your Indy whip. It came in handy for Indiana Jones every time he found himself in a tight spot so it’s a great tool. The Indiana Jones machete will come in handy if you find yourself hacking through the jungles. Grab your pouch to carry all your supplies like clues and maps, matches, flashlight & batteries, and you better pack some high energy granola bars. This adventure will cost a lot of calories.

The costume is a given for all men and boys who will be participating in your theme party. But what should the ladies wear? My recommendation is to dress the part in similar slacks and shirt. Jordan is a desert style country in the ancient city where the quest will take place, so dress for very hot days and very cool nights. Protect yourself from the sun with hats and scarves. I say, ladies, dress like Indy if you want. I would! The costume probably comes in your size.

200px-petratreasury Photo Credit: Gary Jones

I personally recommend that you bring your love of the mysterious and a zeal for adventure in order to participate in a theme party quest or a real live on location treasure hunt. I chose Petra, Jordan because of its majestic rock caverns that make the perfect setting for an archaeological treasure hunt. This city is filled with some of the most ancient and magnificent ruins on earth. For instance, the Sieq – which is also called “The Treasury”, is an example of one of the most filmed archaeological sites in Petra.

Camel riding across the Wadi Rum desert is commonplace, so pack your camel riding
blanket to go under the saddle. I highly recommend a few riding lessons. Camels are not like horses. Do your homework on the culture in ancient Jordan and in modern Jordan. We’ll do some sightseeing before we start the quest. Be sure to buy your Indiana Jones costumes and equipment and load your camera with film. If you’re digital, bring an extra memory card and battery because this will be the photo opp of a lifetime.

Did I mention that you might need a Visa and passport? Apply for that and we’ll book our flights for Jordan. If this is too spendy for you right now, sit back and relax. We can create the game online or just tell the story of the adventure and help the treasure hunters on location find the treasure. Sound exciting enough for you?

You still want a live adventure but you don’t want to travel overseas? Relax and plan a theme party Indiana Jones style on some private property or rent a theme park with enough space to carry out your plans. This is a great way to raise funds for your favorite cause as well.

By now you probably guessed it. I’ve been writing some series on this blog and this adventure will be one of them. Next month, I’ll be writing a featured scenario for a real Indiana Jones style quest and you can follow along with all the clues to help find the treasure.

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