Teen Titans Go! QuoteGraphic

Teen Titans Quote Graphic

Teenagers are really having a moment right now. Leading huge protest rallies, influencing change, preparing for the future and basically ruling the internet. There are some real life heroes out there and they haven’t even hit the big TWO-OH yet.

Here’s a group of heroic teens that are also about to have their moment. As cartoon characters they might not be real life, but they are real SUPERHEROES. Please don’t call them sidekicks. They don’t make movies about sidekicks but the inseparable Teen Titans will be living life on the silver screen starting July 27th. #HereForIt.

Maybe you haven’t gotten to know them yet but they aren’t newbs. It can be argued they aren’t even teens since they first appeared in comic books as early as 1964, but we’ll just call them ageless. They’ve been starring on TV as their more dramatic selves in the animated series Teen Titans since 2003. Then in 2013, they found their comedic chops when they were “re-cast” in Teen Titans Go! We like this less serious side of them and plan on laughing our booties completely off at this movie.

Yeah, you’ve heard of Robin, but maybe the rest of the crew needs an introduction.

  • Robin- long-time mentee of Batman with a nitpicky, alpha complex
  • Cyborg- enthusiastic but kinda lazy half-robot that happens to be afraid of the dark
  • Starfire- a gifted extra-terrestrial exiled princess that has an interesting way with words
  • Beastboy- can transform into all kinds of animals and thinks he’s hilarious
  • Raven- the only defense against the raging darkness within her is her deadpan personality

We gathered up some of our favorite lines from the show and threw them on a poster!

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Teen Titans Go! Poster of Quotes


  • “Titans, Go!”
  • “More like Robin Party of FUN!”Season 2 Episode 47 “Campfire Stories”
  • “There’s no castle! And I’m not a princess because this is not a dress!” Season 3 Episode 16 “Black Friday”
  • “Oh my, it seems I’ve ordered too much spaghetti!” Season 2 Episode 34 “Rocks and Water”
  • “I am not an elf!” Season 3 Episode 21 “Garage Sale”
  • “Titans Go…. clean yourselves up! I mean, come on.” Season 2 Episode 18 “Serious Business”


  • “The sandwich will look beautiful in my hair.” Season 1 Episode 1 “Legendary Sandwich”
  • “Look at us! We’re covered in evil, smelly, space goo!” Season 1 Episode 8 “Laundry Day”
  • “I always wanted to be a secret weapon.” Season 1 Episode 22 “Artful Dodgers”
  • “Only the true pirate can understand such strange words.” Season 2 Episode 3 “Pirates”
  • Halloween hasn’t been scary since I was a little gillnart.” Season 2 Episode 19 “Halloween”


  • “I love you and pie.” Season 1 Episode 2 “Pies Bros”
  • “It’s meat. It’s a ball. You can eat it. You can eat it all!” Season 1 Episode 19 “Meatball Party”
  • “This pizza tastes like it’s 30 years old!” Season 1 Episode 31 “Staring at the Future”
  • “Why am I so adorable?” Season 2 Episode 19 “Halloween”
  • “Just call me Cyborgmus Prime” Season 3 Episode 10 “Meatball Party”


  • “Azarath… Metrion… ZINTHOS!” !”
  • “You guys are the only things that keep me sane in this house.” Season 1 Episode 36 “Nose Mouth”
  • “And I don’t laugh.” Season 1 Episode 34 “Caged Tiger”
  • “Can we watch the Golden Girls? I love those sassy old broads!” Season 2 Episode 38 “Oil Drums”
  • “The moral of the story is …. forget boys… get paid!!” Season 3 Episode 11 “Grube’s Fairytales”

Beast Boy

  • “I pee-peed myself!” Season 2 Episode 19 “Halloween”
  • “You fools be creepy!” Season 3 Episode 9 “The Fourth Wall”
  • “Why are you singing, dude?” Season 1 Episode 21 “Terra-ized”
  • “Your’re going down, girl! It’s cheetah time!”  Season 2 Episode 20 “Boys vs. Girls”
  • “We are talking free pizza here….what do you think?”  Season 1 Episode 11 “Hey Pizza”

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