Test Your Superhero Knowledge

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Test Your Superhero Knowledge

Do you consider yourself a comic book geek? Below, we have provided a fifteen question quiz to test your superhero knowledge. Each question becomes a bit more difficult than the last. Use your super-human intelligence to determine the right answer for each question, and find out just how well you know your superheroes! Are you smart enough to be a superhero? Or will it take some practice before you become one? Find out after you take the quiz.

Superhero Quiz

1. What is the name of Batman’s alter ego?
A. Bruce Banner
B. Bruce Wayne
C. Tim Drake
D. Harvey Dent

2. Which of these X-Men has the ability to teleport?
A. Cyclops
B. Wolverine
C. Magneto
D. Nightcrawler

3. The Fantastic Four does not include which of these characters?
A. Invisible Woman
B. Mister Fantastic
C. Pyro
D. The Thing

4. Who is the Ninja Turtles Sensei Master?
A. Shredder
B. Splinter
C. Casey Jones
D. April O’Neil

5. Which of these characters is the brother of Thor?
A. Odin
B. Sif
C. Asgard
C. Loki

6. Superman resides in which of these cities?
A. Metropolis
B. New York City
C. Kansas
D. Gotham

7. The Guardians of the Galaxy are lead by whom?
A. Star Lord
B. Groot
C. Rocket Raccoon
D. Gamora

8. Peter Parker works for which of these newspapers?
A. Daily Bugle
B. Daily News
C. The Daily Planet
D. Daily Globe

9. Catwoman’s alter-ego is known as?
A. Kyle Selina
B. Selma Kyle
C. Rachel Dawes
D. Selina Kyle

10. S.H.I.E.L.D was created by whom?
A. Captain America
B. Iron Man
C. Nick Fury
D. Spider-Man

11. Which of these fellows has never been Ant-Man?
A. Hank Pym
B. Scott Lang
C. Eric O’Grady
D. James Rhodes

12. What is the Punisher’s real name?
A. Frank Stallone
B. Frank Castle
C. Frank Lloyd Wright
D. Frank Sinatra

13. Which of these characters are not part of the Watchmen?
A. The Comedian
B. Black Widow
C. Silk Spectre
D. Nite Owl

14. Deadpool goes by which of these names?
A. Wil Wheaton
B. Will Wilson
C. Wilson Winston
D. Wade Wilson

15. The Inhumans were exposed to what substance that gave them their abilities?
A. Infinity Gems
B. Kryptonite
C. Terrigen Mist
D. Tesseract


Look at the answer key below and then see how you rank with our superhero scoring system. Are you are Sidekick, Amateur, Real Superhero or a Villain? Count up your correct answers and see.

1-5 Correct Answers: You’re just a sidekick to the true superhero. It’s time to pick up some comics, and begin learning about these incredible characters. Keep trying, and maybe someday you will learn enough to graduate into the main superhero class.

6-10 Correct Answers: As a novice superhero, you are still honing the skills you possess. You are beginning to discover the true powers of being a superhero, and one day you shall gain full control over your abilities. Keep studying your comics, it will soon pay off!

11-15 Correct Answers: A real superhero has emerged to save the day! Your knowledge and superhero smarts will help you defeat any foe who threatens the peace. The world needs more superheroes such as yourself. Keep up the good work, your heroics shall be rewarded!

0 Correct Answers: Are you some sort of Super Villain? Only a vile and despicable scoundrel would detest this test, or choose to get every answer wrong. Hopefully, one day you will see the errors of your ways and find the good in your heart.

Answer Key: 1.b, 2.d, 3.c, 4.b, 5.d, 6.a, 7.a, 8.a, 9.d, 10.c, 11.d, 12.b, 13.b, 14.d, 15.c

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