The BP Bad Planning Costume Makes a Bold Statement

By August 20, 2010 In the News No Comments

Sometimes we can use humor to express our disgust or distaste for situations.  Halloween gives us the perfect opportunity to make a bold statement whether it be with an adult humorous costume, something very sexy or a costume of a political nature. Regardless, the point it the same – to make a statement and raise eyebrows.  This Halloween the BP Bad Planning costume will make the boldest statement of all.

This oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico seems to be gaining some control. The plug is holding. But for as much as all those PR commercials about the clean up are meant to make us feel better, I think it will be a long time, if ever again that I’ll eat my favorite food, Gulf shrimp.   Unfortunately, we will be dealing with the clean-up and the adverse environmental effects for years to come. This horrible oil spill was all the result of BP’s bad planning, hence the name of this blog’s featured costume.

We dedicate the BP Bad Planning costume to Tony Hayward, former CEO who was more concerned with “getting his life back” than cleaning up the mess he made. The Bad Planning costume, pictured above, features a green BP jumpsuit that is stained to look like is is covered in crude.  Let everyone know how you feel about this disaster and bring awareness to the on-going efforts to restore to gulf states to their pre-oil spill way of life. The Halloween costume will be available for shipment in September.

It’s up to you to decide whether or not this costume is in poor taste.  It’s in the way you present it I suppose. Tell us what you think.  Would you wear the BP Costume?