The Fairy Tales of Youth Offer Fun and Outdoor Enchantment

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If you have heard fairy tales as young child, chances are those same stories bring back feelings of enchantment to you every time you think back to those days. Remember the awe and wonder you felt the first time Mom or Dad read those captivating words that took you into enchanted forests or into lands of intrigue?

One of my most memorable fairy tales is Little Red Riding Hood. To this day, I look around me to see if the “big bad wolf” is following me through the woods to Grandmother’s house. I literally had to go through the woods to visit my Grandmother, so this was so real to me.

Let’s walk down memory lane and visit grandma’s house to see if we can outsmart that big bad wolf one more time.

Don’t forget your picnic basket. We’re going to pack all our tricks and goodies in there to lure the wolf into the fruits of his own deception. He’ll think twice before bothering Grandma again!

Are you ready for the goods? Let’s start by packing in some of his favorite treats. Let’s see, the wolf always eats Grandma’s cookies so we’ll pack a half dozen with some bottled sweet fresh milk from her cow. That will take away his excuse to lurk in the barn!

Next, let’s pack one of Grandma’s nightgowns that he likes to borrow so he can pretend to be her and try hard to fake me out. It’s not going to work this time! If I remember correctly, the big bad wolf always wants me to come closer to the bed so he can see me better. We’ll save him the trouble because I bought a special pair of glasses that will fit his long wolfish nose perfectly. As for his hearing problem, I am taking care of that with this new hearing device I bought the big bad wolf as a surprise gift.

Let me see. What else do we need for this basket of tricks and goodies? Help me out, here. The wolf gets to the house first and tries to do away with Grandma, so I’m giving him a special key and a map to her “new” house so he can be sure to get there before I do. But someone else will be waiting for the wolf this time all set to surprise him. Uncle Ben has a gunny sack and he’ll snare him as soon as he opens the bedroom door.

Mr. Wolf, you are getting a surprise ride far away from my little piece of the forest so you won’t be able to bother me anymore. I can skip and sing in my little red riding hood without any fear of you jumping out to scare me. I am so excited about our plan to get rid of the big bad wolf and write a new happy ending to my favorite fairy tale.

Let’s start walking through the forest together so he’ll come out of hiding and set this plan into action. Hurry up and put on your favorite costume so you can walk through the woods with me.   The big bad wolf will be drooling when he sees two of us alone in the forest. It won’t take long for him to show himself once I start humming my tune and whistling like I always do. He’ll get a whiff of these cookies and try to lure me away.

Did you think the story was going to end here? Why, of course not. There is a lot in store for little red riding hood, and you, as you walk with her to Grandma’s house.

Do you think her plan to snare the wolf will work? Come back next week for part two of this new version of my favorite fairy tale to find out.