The Magic of Makeup

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I’ve always been fascinated with makeup and how quickly a person can be transformed by using it properly. Did you ever see photo shots of Hollywood actresses without their makeup? It’s kind of shocking. We’re so used to the transformation each actress has created that we forget how plain many of them are without it.

Photo by Willrad von Doomenstein

Credit: Willrad von Doomenstein

Makeup artists can do all kinds of amazing things. Look at movies like “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” or “The Dark Knight”. My favorite example of extraordinary makeup accomplishment was “The Nutty Professor”. In this unique movie, Eddie Murphy is able to portray Sherman Klump, Buddy Love, Mama, Papa, Grandma, and Ernie Klump due to the magic of makeup.

Using theatrical makeup with your costume can add a dramatic effect, and can make you unrecognizable. A theatrical makeup kit will help you create characters such as Frankenstein, a vampire, or a skeleton. A little mixing and matching can go a long way. For example, to transform into the Bride of Frankenstein, use a white base on your face and blend in a bit of green. Don’t forget the black lipstick.

Different colors bring out different appearances. Use gray for corpses, red for devils, green for witches, blue for a frozen appearance. For ideas, browse stage makeup books at your local library.

Before using any makeup, always perform a skin test to make sure it won’t cause irritation. Use sponges rather than brushes for large areas. If you apply skin cream to your face for thirty seconds and then wipe it off before applying foundation, it will help the color to stay more even. Powder your face with professional makeup powder to help set the makeup and keep it from running.

Makeup is a great tool for self-transformation. You can use makeup from the corner drugstore, or get stage makeup or theatrical makeup from magic and theatrical shops. Be sure to check out what’s available at Costume SuperCenter.