The Many Costumes of Spider-Man and Batman


This summer marks the release of two new superhero films, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises. Both Spider-Man and Batman are superheroes that have evolved through the years both in their respective comic books as well as on film. Let’s take a retrospective look at the many costumes of Batman and Spider-Man.

Spider-Man Movie Costumes

Spider-Man Marvel Comics Costumes

Batman Costumes

DC Comics Batman Costumes on Action Figures

Superheroes are not exempt from updating their look. In fact, it is a necessity.  New technology, gadgets and top-secret space-age materials are manufactured in underground labs specifically for these superheroes so, in order to accommodate the growing needs of a vigilante crime fighter, new looks are actually a requirement. The costume world does its very best to replicate the superhero costumes. Although they look just like the real costume they, unfortunately, do not have the same top secret technology that goes into the real Spider-Man or Batman costume. What? you say these heroes are make-believe? Well, that is what they’ll have you think, but they’re out there. Trust us. We have inside knowledge, but let’s keep it just between us.

Anyway, this is a pictorial view of how the costumes have changed. Which one is your favorite?