The Real Batman Visits Colorado Shooting Victims

Wow, Christian Bale flew to Colorado yesterday to spend some time with seven hospitalized victims of the horrific movie theater massacre that occurred at last week’s midnight premiere of The Dark Knight.  What is even nicer is that he came as himself, not as a representative of Warner Bros. Furthermore, no media was alerted before hand which makes me believe that this was not a publicity stunt.  According to news reports his surprise appearance was very well received by many.

It was a very nice gesture on part of Christian Bale and all accounts say that he was very cordial, and visited with patients and staff for over two hours.  It must have been a real thrill for super Batman fans although nothing can ever take away the horror of that night.

Also related to the tragedy is the debate about whether or not to ban people from wearing Batman costumes to the theater. I personally feel that you should be allowed to wear costumes of any kind if you want to and I’m not saying that just because I work for a costume website. The unthinkable act of an obviously ill man should not hinder a nation’s right to express themselves. What’s next…cancel Comic-Con because some nut might be hiding behind a superhero costume? The ban by AMC has been revised from a ban on costumes to a restriction on weapons, masks and costumes that might make others uncomfortable. OK, I’m all for getting rid of toy weapons but not everyone who dresses like The Joker is a potential mass murderer. For the most accurate details on costumes at theaters, the AMC Facebook page has more details.