The Snooki Bunny Costume Turns the Easter Bunny into a Party Animal

By February 29, 2012 In the News No Comments

Snooki must be getting into the spirit of Easter. Last week on Jersey Shore, she was spotted clubbing at Karma while wearing her Snooki Bunny Costume. The suit, which she refers to a “Lola” has made several appearances on the show. This time, she is wearing it to the club because she lost a bet with “The Situation.” As you can see from the video, she took the loss like a pro and made the most of it.

The Snooki Bunny Head has changed a bit from the original. Aside from being a bit used and abused (they are washable – ever hear of spot cleaning?) she has created a more feminine look for “Lola” by adding eyelashes and blush. Now the bunny costume is Jersey-licious.

How can Snooki and Deena turn the wholesome Easter bunny into such a naughty creature? Check out this picture of the  Snooki and Deena Bunny Suit boogie:

I’ll never think of the Easter bunny the same way again. Yikes!

If Snooki isn’t living proof that here is more than one use for a bunny suit, I don’t know what.

How and where would you wear the Snooki Bunny Cosutme? Let us know. Get creative enough and you just might win a prize!