The Top 10 Humorous Costumes for an R-rated Halloween


Warning! Today’s blog is for mature audiences only.

When you think of Halloween your first thought is probably of little girls and boys dressed in princess and superhero costumes trick-or-treating from door to door but actually, dollar for dollar, adult costumes outsell children’s costumes. What does this tell us? That for as much as Halloween is a children’s holiday, grown-ups love a reason to party.

The adult costume market is huge. It includes every genre that you’ll find for kids but adds categories for sexy costumes and my favorite, humorous costumes — adult humor that is.  The R-rated adult costumes are so funny! Some are obviously dirty but most create a visual double entendre that puts them right up my ally (get your mind out of the gutter – by “up my ally” I’m saying that I like them). I’m an intelligent adult who is not ashamed to say that I appreciate raunchy bathroom humor and sexual innuendo.  So if you’re like me, and I know you are, you’ll appreciate the entire adult humorous costume category.  Here are my top ten picks in no particular order.

  1. The Country Lovin’ Costume
  2. The Breathalyzer Costume
  3. Hind Sight Costume
  4. The Moon Man
  5. The Snake Charmer
  6. The Blow Me Costume
  7. Tie between Dr. Seymour Bush, Gynecologist or Dr. Howie Feltersnatch, Gynecologist
  8. The Tough S#!t Costume
  9. The Heart On Costume
  10. Choking the Chicken Costume

If you are proud of your dirty mind and want to share your unique humor with the rest of the world, then you owe it to yourself to buy a humorous adult costume from Costume SuperCenter this Halloween. Just be careful not to wear them in mixed company.

P.S. If you are offended by this post you’ll love our assortment of biblical costumes.