This Year’s Top Christmas Toys for Girls and Boys

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Shopping for toys can be pretty difficult if you don’t even know where to begin looking. Luckily, we’ll be your little helpers this year by counting down some of the hottest toys for 2014! These top toys are bound to be on the Christmas lists of most little boys and girls, and if they’re not, they’ll still bring smiles to little faces.

Popular Toys For Boys

Zoomer Dino is a robotic T-Rex, and after you find out what he can do, you might want one of these prehistoric pets for yourself! This pint-sized dino is a futuristic-looking dinosaur who’ll stalk around your house on two wheels. He knows when you’re around and trying to play with him with special sensors in his snout, and can be taught tricks by using simple hand motions.The included controller will give you full control over him when he gets a little too hard to handle. Just don’t pull his tail, or he’ll get angry!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, now known simply as TMNT, have returned to both television and the silver screen in recent years. The TMNT toys to look for this year are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IR Talking Turtle figures. Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo, stand 11″ tall and love to talk! They each chatter quite a bit by themselves, but putting two or more of these figures together is when the fun begins. Each turtle knows which of his brothers spoke, what that brother said, and how to respond. Putting all four turtles will spur an amazingly complex conversation that will have your child laughing!

Hot Wheels have been appearing on Christmas lists for almost half a century now, but there has never been something as cool as this Hot Wheels toy. You can turn your play area into an auto body shop with the Hot Wheels Airbrush Auto Designer! This kit will let your boy customize the included white car with any designs and colors he so wishes. The water-based ink will let him wash his car and start all over whenever he chooses, and makes for speedy drying times so he can paint and then race.

The Skylanders are back in an all-new adventure in Skylanders Trap Team! Kaos has destroyed Cloudcracker Prison, releasing evil back into the Skylands. It’s up to you and the heroic Skylanders to trap these baddies, who will then fight alongside you. Skylanders needs a portal and character figurines to work, along with the game disk itself, all which come in the starter pack. It’s available on all gaming consoles, but before you run out to the store and pick up one of the starter kits, make sure you know exactly which console (Wii U, Playstation 3, XBox One, etc) your little guy will be playing on.

This Air Storm Firetek Bow is a top contender for 2014 toys, simply because of how cool this fake weapon is. Your boy will turn into an archer the moment he picks this bow up. The bow limbs light up, and the soft arrows scream as they fly through the air and travel up to 125 feet. It comes in two colors, and with three arrows.

Popular Toys For Girls

Disney’s hit movie Frozen has taken the world and little girls’ Christmas lists by snowstorm. While there are a ton of Frozen items you could get for that little Frozen fanatic in your family, the Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa doll stands out. This small Elsa is dressed in a beautifully detailed gown and speaks when you press the gem on her chest. Raising her arm will make her gem and her dress magically light up! Elsa will also sing a clip of “Let It Go”, and she comes with a crown, and the silly snowman Olaf.

Girls love to get artsy, and the DohVinci line of arts and crafts from the kid-favorite Play-Doh will let you design various items in 3D. The one piece that stands out is the DohVinci Style & Store Vanity, which is a small vanity complete with mirror and drawer. Use the styling tool and the four tubes of Deco Pop to adorn this vanity just the way you want it, let it harden overnight, and then display and use your work of art!

These tiny collectible food and pantry characters are just as fun to play with as they are to collect, and that’s what puts them on our top 2014 toys for girls list! The Shopkinz Small Mart set is going to be a hit among girls who already love these darling little figurines, as well as girls who are new to the line. The Small Mart is modeled after a grocery store, complete with a moving conveyer belt and a twisty chute. This set comes with two exclusive figures to start off new collections or add to existing ones!

These spooktastic guys and gals who are the sons of daughters of famous creatures and monsters attend a spooktastic high school called Monster High, and these popular scarers deserve a spot on our list. The Monster High 5-Pack Student Disembody Council is to die for, as it comes with five stylish dolls, including new Gilda Goldstag, who’s making her first appearance as a doll.

Nerf Rebelle brings the fun of Nerf weapons to the hands of girls, and this Christmas, you’ll want to arm your girl with the Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow. Move over, Katniss, because this bow will make your girl an expert archer. This toy bow will shoot its included safe, foam arrows up to 85 feet away, and comes with a light up sight to help with aiming. The fletching on the arrows have secret messages written on them that you can only see with the included decoder.

While there are a myriad of great toys for 2014, these 10 are what we think are going to be the most wished-for this year. What toys are the children in your life hoping Santa Claus brings them? Let us know in the comments!