Thor: Five Facts [Infographic]


In 2017, fans of the Marvel universe get to celebrate because, for the first time since 2013, the Norse God of Thunder is back in action! Thor was sorely missed in Captain America: Civil War, and in November, viewers finally get to find out what he’s been up to for the time he’s been away in Thor: Ragnarok. As one of Marvel’s most popular heroes, it’s easy to say that his return to the big screen (and battle against the Incredible Hulk) is highly anticipated.

You may be a fan of Thor’s, but how much do you really know about him? Costume SuperCenter wanted to test your knowledge and teach you some little-known facts about everyone’s favorite hammer-wielding hero. So before you put on your winged helmet and your suit and assemble the Avengers, get in a little lesson! There’s plenty to learn from this infographic and much more to come when the movie hits theaters, so check it out!

Thor Five Facts

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