Top 10 Girl Power Costumes For 2017

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Not every girl wants to be a princess for Halloween. Recently, a ton of strong female characters have been headlining movies and dominating pop culture. Women everywhere are planting their feet and standing strong in the face of the patriarchy! We’re here to cheer them on with a “Heck Yeah Girl!” Not that our history is without strong and independent ladies (we love you Susan B. Anthony!), but Halloween typically promotes wicked witches and princesses for girls costumes year after year. Well, it finally seems as if manufacturers of costumes got the memo, and this year the options for some amazing girl power costumes have exploded. Let your daughter be the strong and empowered character of her choosing this year with one of the 10 costumes we hand-picked for the most independent of girls.


Girl Power Costumes


10. Skye (PAW PATROL)

As the founding member of Paw Patrol, Skye chooses to flex her girl power by using her helicopter and grappling hook to keep the city safe and transport her team to wherever they’re needed most. Sure she’s stylish and adorable, as the costume show, but the real power of this iconic cockapoo is her character. Skye shows us all that cuteness is awesome but duty and selflessness are the real power. Experience some of that heroic fun in a Skye costume complete with puppy ears! Get your friends together and multiply your power as a whole team of PAW Patrol members.

9. Batgirl

In Gotham City you have to earn wearing the mark of the bat. No female has done more to embody the ideals of The Dark Knight than Barbara Gordon, otherwise known as Batgirl. The daughter of the best cop in town, and the student of the best superhero in the world, Batgirl risks her life every night fighting a fight against injustice that she refuses to sit by and watch. Lacking any traditional superpowers, Batgirl uses her wits and expert fighting ability to stand toe-to-toe with all of Gotham’s notorious villains in the commonly male-dominated world of superheroics. Founding the all female crime-fighting team Birds of Prey would become one of the character’s most resoundingly contributions in the field of absolute girl power. Celebrate Batgirl’s legend with a costume depicting any of the many interpretations of this beloved character!

8. Moana

One common theme you find when exploring girl power is the strength of the character to put themselves in absolute peril for the greater good. Even at a young age Moana knew that she was to cross the Great Sea with or without the mighty Maui if she was to return the heart of Te’Fiti and save her islands. She’s just a kid, fighting demons and saving societies! That’s nothing to sneeze at. As a bonus, her Halloween costumes feature her effortless and laid back look that shows even possible apocalypse can’t shake that island vibe.

7. Wonder Woman

DC Comics’ Diana Prince has been a worldwide symbol of girl power since the early 1940s. A founding member of the Justice League and the champion of Themyscira, Wonder Woman has always put humanity first while being one of the most brilliant military tacticians and hand-to-hand combatants in the DC Universe. Here’s a fun fact: In the comics, Batman openly admits he would rather fight Superman than Wonder Woman, because her warrior’s spirit simply cannot allow her to stop until she has achieved her goal. She does not and will not ever give up. Her newest iteration finds her in an updated and more battle ready costume than ever before. Add her iconic sword to show that there’s a world of fight behind that pretty face.

6. Owlette (PJ Masks)

Even without her glider, Owlette shows what it takes to have real girl power. She’s decisive, and she’s a far-sighted strategist who is always looking ahead to get the upper hand on evil. Seen as the thinker of the group and keeping a much more subdued costume then most others on this list, Owlette is about getting the job done in the most efficient an intelligent way possible. And she has fun doing it. Share in this adventure with a replica of Owlette’s classic hero costume and get your Owl Eyes!

Strong Female Costumes

5. Supergirl

Like Batgirl, Supergirl finds herself heir to a crime-fighting legacy. Born Kara Zor-el, and the last daughter of the Planet Krypton, Supergirl stands by her cousin Kal-El’s side as he protects Metropolis and the world as Superman. Strong-willed, determined and always looking to help mankind, Supergirl lives up to her family’s name and namesake’s standard. Her classic and iconic costume has seen few changes and the over 50 year life of this character. The red S, the blue top and red cape that everyone knows, in a cute and comfortable female style that has become a Halloween staple.

4. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Disney prides themselves on making female characters who defy expectations and follow true love. Showing that not all girl power is in the fists and mind, but also in the heart, Beauty and the Beast’s beloved heroine Belle is not at all a fighter, but is more than willing to stand strong and look beyond what’s on the outside, to find the goodness in the spirit. Plus, she sang and danced with silverware and other tchotchkes and knick-knacks– which on its own is super awesome! You can sing and dance along in Belle’s costume from the movie, and share in that spirit of love.

3. Uma (The Descendants 2)

On the other end of the Disney girl power spectrum of goodness is Uma from The Descendants 2. Daughter of The Little Mermaid’s evil Ursula, Uma uses every trick in the book and tool at her disposal to hamstring the actions of The Descendants, who’re just trying to make up for the atrocities of their villainous parents. Even being as ambitious as teaming up with Captain Hook’s son Harry, Uma is fueled by girl power to stop at nothing until she achieves her nefarious objective. She is a fighting pirate princess who stands on her own, outside her mother’s sizable shadow. This creepy deep sea pirate feel has seeped its way into the entire costume she wears in The Descendants 2. Have some stylish and mischievous fun in this popular and eye-catching look.

2. Harley Quinn

Beautiful, Dangerous, tenacious and downright crazy, Harley Quinn has recently risen to pop culture prominence due to her inclusion in DC Comics’ Suicide Squad. Formerly a brilliant psychiatrist, Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, PhD became profoundly unhinged after treating and subsequently falling in love with the most feared man in DC Comics, The Joker. Now, aided by her trusty mallet and vast array of explosives and firearms, Harley Quinn brings a fearless girl power to her team that might be a risk to her life and the lives of others, but is great fun to watch and read! Her girls costume features a more kid friendly and playful look at the character. Put on the mask, put your hair up in ponytails and get ready to cause some trouble!

1. Rey (Star Wars)

The Star Wars franchise knows how to tell the story of a hero. The latest in the line of Jedi who have to save the galaxy is a girl named Rey. Following in the footsteps of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, episode 7 set Rey up for a hero’s journey that will prove not all girls who fought the empire did so in a pretty dress with their hair in buns. Quick thinking, passionate and overall awesome, this character will rise to be one of the most beloved and iconic characters in sci-fi. Unlock your Jedi power when you put on Rey’s classic costume from The Force Awakens. Do or do not. There is no try.


Whether you’re a lover or a fighter, find the girl power within yourself and show the world that true strength has nothing to do with boy or girl, man or woman. It’s about character and staying true to who you are, even when things look their worst. Fictional heroes are real life inspiration. This Halloween, choose a strong female costume, get out there and have some fun!


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