Top 10 Girls Costumes for 2018

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2018 has been the year of the strong female lead. From superheroes to princesses, girls have saved the day, and with our selection of top 10 Halloween costumes for girls, your daughter can follow in their literal footsteps.

So, what’s in a top-tier costume anyway? For starters, confidence. It’s not the clothes that make the woman, but the woman who makes her clothes noteworthy. Tap into the same reserve of girl power that these butt-kicking, catchy song-singing, female characters have this Halloween.

If you know a young woman who enjoys dressing up as popular superheroes, princesses or villains, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 10 top costumes for 2018 to help her fulfill whatever urge the 31st of October may bring about. So, let’s dive in and get your daughter outfitted for a #HalloweenSelfie worth sharing.

Top 10 Girl's Costumes for 2018

Girls Moana & Wonder Woman Costumes

1. Moana

When it comes to strong-willed teenage girls, very few hold a candle to the Polynesian princess known as Moana. So, set sail for adventure this Halloween and dress your daughter up as the courageous girl who braved the ocean to find Maui and return Te Fiti’s heart. Sing songs as you make your way from house to house, searching for the glowing stone amongst hordes of sweet treasures. And when the night is over, save the costume for a themed party or special movie night where everyone dresses up as their favorite character! We’re guessing your daughter will call dibs on Moana herself.

2. Wonder Woman

Who is tougher than Princess Diana of Themyscira? Not many, that’s for sure. It takes guts to be Wonder Woman. She is a hardened WWII vet, daughter to the Queen of the Amazons, and an all-around butt-kicking heroine who pairs up with Batman and Superman on occasion. Wonder Woman has been a household name for comic book enthusiasts for years but with the success of the Wonder Woman movie, she’s never been more popular. Anyone that loves DC Comics and superheroes would do right by having a costume in her likeness, and now you can. Our selection of Wonder Woman costumes and accessories will make sure that your daughter doesn’t just look like a total toughie, but she’ll feel like one too!

Girls Elena of Avalor & Dorothy Costumes

3. Elena of Avalor

Elena Castillo Flores is a teen princess who has saved her magical kingdom of Avalor from an evil sorceress. Now she must learn to rule her kingdom as its crowned princess. Put your daughter in a position to take on adventure this Halloween in a role that is designed to help her understand the subtle nuance of thoughtfulness, resilience, and compassion. These are the traits of all truly great leaders. With the help of her younger sister, Isabel, her friends, wizard Mateo, and Royal Guard lieutenant, Gabe, a spirit animal named Zuzo, and a trio of magical flying creatures called Jaquins, Elena will have all of the guidance and support a young princess could ever hope for.

4. Dorothy Gale

Let your daughter ease on down the road as one of the most iconic characters to ever leave Kansas this Halloween. Dress her up as Dorothy Gale, while transforming yourself into Glinda the Good Witch, and set off for adventure as you make your way through the neighborhood seeking out goodies. This costume is a fun choice for girls year after year. Get the whole family involved and pair your little Dorothy with Scarecrow, Tinman and Cowardly Lion. Together, you can defeat the Wicked Witch of the West and save the Land of Oz before returning home to tell the tale of your adventures!

Girls LOL Dolls Diva & ZOMBIES Eliza Costumes

5. LOL Dolls Diva

Give the gift of fabulous this Halloween with a Diva costume that’s as fancy as it sounds. Diva is known as the posh LOL Doll, but don’t just take our word for it. Her favorite line to quote on the L.O.L. Surprise! show is “born to sparkle!” and if that doesn’t prove she’s a star, then we don’t know what will. Her white hair is a statement and her hot pink lips match the star tattoo on her cheek for a little extra attitude. She’s one of the most popular girls in Glee club, so of course, your little singer will enjoy the comparison!

6. Z.O.M.B.I.E.S. Eliza

Eliza is the premiere computer master in Zombietown. She is a good and smart zombie who cares for her friends and fellow undead to the point of starting a revolution for them. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day in her shoes? With Halloween right around the corner, your daughter absolutely can! Give zombies a good name this holiday season and dress her up as Eliza, the Z Band hacking, computer game pwning, loyal to a fault, zombie teenager. We promise that your neighbors haven’t seen anything like her before!

Girls Violet Incredible & Supergirl Costumes

7. The Incredibles: Violet

It’s a great big world out there. Navigating it isn’t always rainbows, lollipops and unicorns, especially for teen girls out to discover exactly who they are and who they want to be. Give your daughter a nudge in the right direction this Halloween with an on-screen persona that exemplifies uncertainty, introversion, biting wit, and ultimately, growth. Violet Parr, the teenage daughter of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, is the perfect culmination of stubborn sarcasm and bull-headed courage. She uses her invisibility and ability to create forcefields to save her parents—and the world—on more than one occasion. Whether it be as a super or as a human, Violet Parr is a girl worth emulating.

8. Supergirl

Look up in the sky—it’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… your daughter dressed up as one of the most iconic superheroes of all time! Kara Zor-El—better known as Supergirl—is just as strong, fast, and smart as Superman. With our gorgeous ensemble of costumes, she is lending her skills to little girls all over the world. Send her out to save the day this Halloween, or pair her with your son as Clark Kent, and protect the neighborhood from evildoers, all while earning trick-or-treat candy for their efforts!

Girls Belle & Fancy Nancy Costumes

9. Fancy Nancy

Put some pep in your daughter’s step this Halloween with the most extravagant little super sleuth to grace the New York Times Best Sellers list. Of course, we’re talking about Fancy Nancy and her menagerie of tutus, boas, and ruby slippers! Halloween is a night filled with ghoulish mysteries, so get her prepared to take them on in the poshest manner. Fancy Nancy isn’t just about dressing fancy though, she talks the talk AND walks the walk. So, put your little bookworm in a position to use words like “iridescent,” “ecstatic,” and “extraordinary.” She’ll be holding classes in the art of fancy before you know it!

10. Belle (and other Disney Princesses)

There is cute, and then there is classic Disney princess cute. Why not up the ante this Halloween with a rendition all your own? Put a magical spin on the holiday and dress your daughter up as Belle, or invite her friends to get involved and do a full-court Disney princess press on your neighborhood. Sing songs, twirl, and flit your way from house to house, collecting candy and being adored. It is Halloween, after all. Who wouldn’t want a wandering troop of Disney characters visiting their home?

Whether you’re looking for a costume that kicks butt, looks adorable, or pays homage to the everyday normalcy of growing up in this digital age, we’ve got you covered. Halloween is easily the best day to break into a new character, but it’s not the only time costumes can liven the mood. So, take a look around at our inventory of great costumes for young women. We’re sure you’ll find something to fit any occasion where a little fantasy goes a long way.

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