Top 10 Kids Costumes 2017

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Halloween is getting closer and choosing your child’s costume can be quite a balancing act of budget and dependability, while getting a costume that they will love wearing. Children’s interest vary drastically and change as frequently as the weather. To give you a leg up during your decision making, here are the top 10 child costumes of 2017!

Top Kids Costumes 2017

Darth Vader Costumes

One of the most iconic characters in sci-fi history, Star Wars legendary Darth Vader has been a popular Halloween costume since the movie’s debut in 1976. Now, thanks to the new Star Wars trilogy, a new generation twice removed gets to meet the most villainous villain in a galaxy far far away. This year, while Episode 7 Halloween costumes will be flooding the trick-or-treat route, let your child celebrate where it all began with there own classic Star Wars Darth Vader child costume! With jumpsuit and cape depicting the Sith Lord’s life sustaining black armor, and molded plastic Vader helmet, Halloween is the perfect time to embrace the dark side of the force! Add a light saber to complete this fan favorite look!

Rapunzel Costumes

A classic tale and modern classic Disney princess, Rapunzel remains one of the most beloved and popular choices at the costume store. Little girls love twirling around and playing in the replica of Rapunzel’s iconic purple dress while they sing and dance to their favorite songs from Tangled! Perfect for trick-or-treating and everyday playtime, your daughter will never want to take off her beautiful Rapunzel ball gown. Be sure to add a long blonde wig, for Rapunzel’s signature super long hair!

Evie Costumes (Descendants)

Being the daughter of Sleeping Beauty’s Evil Queen hasn’t kept this member of the Disney Descendants from being one of the most popular and sought-after costumes this Halloween season. Sweet, quirky and dependable, those things your daughter loves about the character are the very things you will love about the Descendants 2 Evie child costume! Featuring Evie’s Classic Isle look, this can’t-miss Halloween outfit is the perfect choice for any hardcore fan of the Disney musical franchise, and is also perfect for cosplay! Check out our selection of Halloween costume accessories to make sure your daughter has everything needed for her Evie to stand out and get noticed!

Spiderman Costumes

Modeled after the suit worn by Peter Parker in the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming, this high-quality child costume is guaranteed to be the most popular among all the options when dressing your kid up as the Web Slinger! The slightly modernized design on the characters absolutely iconic costume provides this new generation of kids with their own image of the face of Marvel Comics! The polyester jumpsuit and mask are vibrantly printed and durably constructed, providing your child with a carefree playtime and Halloween outfit that will be just as exciting for you to watch as for them to wear. Add silly string web shooters for some fun weaponized action!

Harry Potter Costumes

This child wizard simply cannot be beaten in battle, on the bestseller list, or at the box office. When shopping for your kid’s Halloween costume this year, it’s going to be hard for you to beat this Harry Potter child costume. By just putting on the Hogwarts student robe, your child is instantly transported into the wizarding world of young Mr. Potter with a magical, recognizable and enormously popular look that is fun year-round! Remember to add glasses and a magic wand to round off this classic costume.

Kids Costumes 2017

Shimmer and Shine Costumes

Your daughter’s favorite adorable little gypsies-in-training are going to be your favorite this Halloween with the official line of Shimmer and Shine girls costumes! Featuring Shimmer, Shine and the wicked Zeta, this traditional but updated standard genie top with attached vest, and billowing pants will keep your daughter laughing, playing, casting spells and looking adorable while doing it! These darlings of TV are now the most popular girls on the costume aisle. Order your Shimmer and shine costumes today, while supplies last!

Pikachu Costumes

A yearly favorite for both boys and girls, this Pikachu child costume is comfortable, adorable and a guaranteed source of year-round joy and fun! Ash Ketchum’s most prized Pokemon will be your kid’s most cherished Halloween costume when they put on the full super soft jumpsuit with hoodie depicting the characters cute face and pointy ears! Charmander, Jigglypuff and Squirtle costumes also available to make sure your kid has their favorite Pokemon on demand! Add a toy Pokeball to give this costume another layer of character and fun!

Batman Costumes

The most popular superhero in the world is unsurprisingly one of the most popular Halloween costumes as well! Comic book fans, movie fans, and pretty much anyone who is aware of the Dark Knight can’t wait to put on the iconic Batsuit and mask! Your kid will run around, act tough, and reenact all of their favorite Batman moments in this child costume replica. The polyester jumpsuit and cape and molded plastic face mask gives your child that classic Batman style and adventure without having to endure 15 years combat training and spending billions of dollars. Add batarangs and replica utility belt to make sure they have everything they need to keep Gotham safe!

Cat Boy Costumes (PJ Masks)

The playful and fun superheroes of PJ Masks have truly jumped from the television screen into real life with their official line of adorable, simple and delightful Halloween costumes! Cat Boy has proven to not only be the most popular character, but also the most wanted costume by fans. The two-tone blue polyester jumpsuit and cat themed face mask are just the thing your kid needs to maximize their fun from watching the show, and get the most out of his Halloween and trick-or-treating experience! Check out our full selection for more characters from PJ Masks!

Chase Costumes (Paw Patrol)

PAW Patrol is here to save the day! This Chase child costume gives your kid the opportunity to dress up as his favorite puppy patrolman as he fights the good fight keeping your house safe. The polyester top and character hat will be your child’s go-to for dress up play time and his number one costume choice come Halloween! Share in the fun when you add a pair of walkie-talkies and play along as their partner on the radio! Order your Chase PAW Patrol Child Costume online now, while they last!


Ranging from cute and adorable to tough and fierce, we have a selection of Halloween costumes that has something for everyone! Whether trick or treating, playing with friends, or just sitting around with you watching their favorite program, your child will have a fun, comfortable and absolutely awesome costume! Think outside the box when accessorizing your child’s costume, to turn a popular look into a unique creation! Have a happy and safe Halloween!


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