Top 10 Womens Costumes For 2018

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Top 10 Women's Costumes for 2018

Fall is almost here and that means it’s time to start asking yourself that seemingly impossible yearly question, “What am I going to be for Halloween?” Each blockbuster movie and new hit show brings with it a whole new group of fascinating and compelling characters, which must now be thrown into the pile for costume consideration.

When looking out onto the vast landscape of possible Halloween outfits, it is easy to get bogged down by the sheer number of great choices. There are just so many things to factor in: comfort, what you may have planned and maybe who will be there. Do you try to narrow down who is your all-time favorite fictional character? Perhaps you go with a new take on a classic costume like witch or vampire. Either way, you are bound to be spending a good bit of time debating in your own head.

To help simplify your decision-making process, here are 10 of the most popular women’s costumes for 2018. Have a look and find this year’s inspiration. Of course, these are just starting points. Select all the costume accessories and fun add-ons you can to create an original vision and personality all your own.

Top 10 Women's Costumes for 2018

Women's Wonder Woman & Rey Costumes

1. Wonder Woman

The DC Comics Cinematic Universe is packed with explosive characters, but none with quite as much girl power as Wonder Woman! With eye-popping appeal and instant recognizability, this new iteration of the Wonder Woman costume is bolder and edgier than ever. With humanitarian ideals and a warrior’s spirit, this universal symbol of female empowerment is much more than just a pretty face. With a super-sized selection of different styles and attitudes, whether you are a lifelong comic book fan or just enjoy her cinematic adventure alongside the Justice League, there is a Wonder Woman suit that will put you in the middle of the action!

2. Rey

The seemingly infinite universe of the Star Wars saga is a treasure trove out of charismatic and popular characters for you to choose from this Halloween. The days of female Star Wars fans being pigeonholed into a Princess Leia costume are long gone. From Rey, the heroic new heir apparent to the Skywalker Legacy, to the passionately rebellious Jyn Erso and Captain Phasma, the time has never been better to strike out on your own Intergalactic escapades in an officially licensed Star Wars Halloween costume. Explore all of our Star Wars accessories to suit your character with everything you need for battle.

Women's Dorothy & Jack Sparrow Costumes

3. Dorothy

For decades now, Halloween party girls have flocked to the timeless and iconic wardrobe worn by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. With its comfortable and classic design mixed with loads of playful attitude, this crowd-pleasing number will make your Halloween yellow brick road seem like a red carpet. Popular with film buffs and owners of small dogs, this is an awesome outfit to get your furry little friend in on the fun. Get a group of friends together and you can all be off to see the wizard in a terrific group costume that is destined to become Instagram gold!

4. Female Jack Sparrow

Daring and dangerous, take your Halloween to the high seas in a high-quality female Jack Sparrow or pirate costume. Fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies can choose an officially licensed design, while those wanting to venture out on their own can build a unique costume creation from our treasure chest of pirate costume pieces and accessories. The possibilities are endless with these colorful and unpredictable characters. Celebrate your love of these swashbuckling ruffnecks, and hit this year’s Halloween party in a look that is delightfully disheveled and ready for anything the night throws at you.

Women's Harley Quinn & Female Prisoner Costumes

5. Harley Quinn

The Suicide Squad’s resident bad girl is back for another Halloween as one of the most sought-after looks of the year. This psychotically beautiful anti-hero is a constant favorite among cosplayers and comic book conventioners, but she is also your ticket to a crazy and fun-filled Halloween you will talk about all year long. With designs dating back to her early comic book days and stretching through her newest silver screen incarnation, you have several stylish head-turning options to show off your nerdy crazy self. Don’t forget to equip your Harley Quinn with her signature mallet or an oversized prop gun to really pack a punch.

6. Female Prisoner

With the release of the sixth season of Orange is the New Black, everyone is on the lookout for female prisoner costumes. These can’t-miss simple styles will put you as close to the jailhouse action as you would ever want to be. With a variety of customization options including wigs, costume makeup and fake shackles, you can create a likeness of your favorite Lichfield inmate that will have everyone talking. This is another costume that lends itself perfectly to a group theme. Figure out which of your friends is the perfect Crazy Eyes, Red and Chapman and turn any party this Halloween into an absolute riot.

Women's Mrs. Incredible & 1920s Flapper Costumes

7. Mrs. Incredible

The long-awaited sequel to the Disney hit The Incredibles is finally in the theaters, and with our selection of Mrs. Incredible costumes, you can show the world that it’s nothing out of the ordinary for a mom to be pulled in a thousand directions at once. Nothing is out of reach when you are wearing a replica of the family’s new and improved crime-fighting outfit. Simple, comfortable, cute and with loads of appeal, you have an officially licensed and versatile costume that is a super choice for costume contests or just handing out trick-or-treat candy. Assemble the whole family to make an Incredibles 2 Halloween theme that will let the entire neighborhood know it’s well protected.

8. 1920s Flapper

Truly timeless fashion never really goes away, and no style demonstrates this more than that of the 1920s flapper. Beautiful dresses, elegant feathers and a devil-may-care attitude made these princesses of prohibition a main-stay of costuming glamour. Relive this decade of well-dressed gangsters and well-hidden speakeasies in a costume that is guaranteed to garner attention. Put on your brightest red lipstick, pick out your perfect hat or decorative headband and grab a long cigarette holder. You are in for a throwback Halloween experience that will have you doing the Jitterbug in no time!

Women's Catwoman & Belle Costumes

9. Catwoman

Only one woman is tough enough to go toe-to-toe against The Dark Knight. Catwoman’s seductive skin-tight black catsuit has been sending up bat signals with men worldwide since the character’s creation back in the Golden Age of comic books. As a result, women who are looking for a costume with super-powered sexiness pounce on these legendary versions of Salina Kyle’s infamous catsuit. Coupled with her trusty whip, you have a complete Halloween outfit that is unstoppable. The city of Gotham is not short on strong and beautiful female villains and heroes, but only one has what it takes to give the Batman a case of the feels.

10. Belle (and other Disney Princesses

From ages three to ninety-three, girls all over the world have identified with and fantasized about the wonderful world of Disney and its ever-growing cadre of Disney Princesses. Each year, countless women toil over which of these iconic animated darlings will be their costume. And whether it’s Belle from Beauty and the Beast, with her long yellow ball gown, Ariel in her under-the-sea mermaid best, Moana or any of the others, when you are matching your favorite Disney princess, your dreams are coming true. Choose from several different options for each princess to capture your favorite movie moments.

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