Crawling for Candy: Top 10 Infant & Toddler Costumes

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infant toddler costumes

Remember all those pictures your parents took of you on Halloween? It’s no secret; all parents love when their kids are at the age when they can play “Halloween dress up” and accessorize their little ones in adorable costumes!

With Costume SuperCenter’s top 10 infant-toddler costumes, you’ll bring future embarrassment to a minimum.

Super Mario Brothers

super mario costume

Everybody’s favorite little guy from Mario KartToad from the Mushroom Kingdom, is always a hit during the Halloween season! Don’t leave him out to race alone… you can dress the whole family to speed past King Bowser.

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olaf costume

Your little Olaf will be the cutest and cuddliest little snowman in the whole Frozen village!  You’ll just want to keep giving your little snowman warm hugs when he or she is in this adorable Olaf costume.

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elmo costume

A is for Adorable, B is for Brilliant and C is for Charming. These are all of the things your child will be in this  adorable Elmo costume. You can even create a Sesame Street themed Halloween party for your little ones! It is as easy as 1-2-3 to change your street into Sesame Street with these party supplies!

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Mickey Mouse

mickey costume

Make your child a Mouseketeer! Mickey Mouse is a timeless character that has been a part of generations, and you can keep the tradition going by putting your child in this Disney costume. If you have a little princess, too, this Minnie costume fits better than Cinderella’s glass slipper!

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Snow White

snow white costume

Snow White is always the fairest at the party, and your little princess will feel like royalty in this yellow dress! Don’t be surprised if a few furry friends follow her home from trick-or-treating.

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Captain Hook

captain hook costume

Captain Hook has his hands full, leading his band of misfits and trying to take over Neverland. Your little pirate better watch out, because Peter Pan and Tink are never too far behind.

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Born To Be Wild

born to be wild costume

Tattoos, leather and the open road are all calling your little one when he’s in his Born to be Wild Costume! Taking candy from a baby might not be so easy after all. Get the stroller revved up because he is ready to ride.

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Monsters University

sulley costume

Before your little monsters have even reached Kindergarten, they’re off to Monsters University. The tiniest monsters are usually the biggest dreamers. Watch out, or they just might come through your closet!

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Little Dragon

dragon costume

Not all dragons breathe fire! Not your little dragon, anyway! With her wings, she will be flying high above all the other trick-or-treaters!

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Bandstand Baby

50s costume

It’s time to twist and shout! Your little one is ready for her first sock hop! Great music, burgers and ice cream! What more can a little girl want?

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Don’t see what you’re looking for? Not to worry! Costume SuperCenter currently has more than 400 Infant-Toddler Costumes in stock! Don’t wait! Make sure you give your baby the look he or she wants this Halloween!

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