Bark or Treat! Top 10 Pet Costumes

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Halloween is for everyone, including the pups and kittens in your life!

This list of top 10 costumes are sure to steal the show. Get yourself involved and match your furry friend, because Costume SuperCenter even has costumes to help you match!

fun pet costumes


You won’t have to worry about mischief night with ‘Batdog‘ by your side. As protector for all he will surely be watching the night sky. Every good superhero has a sidekick and you can be his, with our Robin Costume.

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If theres something strange in your neighborhood, bring your dog with you! With their Ghostbuster gear on, they ain’t afraid of no ghost! Don’t leave them to fight against evil alone, put your gear on and help save the neighborhood from the supernatural.

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Princess Pet Costumes

Snow White

Every little dog wants to be called a princess, and what is better than to make their dreams come true and dress them up as the beloved Snow White. Snow is never without her best friends, The Seven Dwarfs, as a fun idea dress your family and friends up and have them accompany Snow while trick or treating. Or, if you’re feeling a little evil, dress as the Evil Queen.

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Alice Is In Wonderland

Keep an eye on your pup while in this Alice costume. She might have a tendency to fall down the occasional rabbit hole. You might want to put on your white rabbit hat to make sure she’s not late for a very important date.

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Funny Pet Costumes


If you’re Gru, you always need your team of minions by your side to help you get the job done! Remember even though they can be a little naughty minions are better when there is more of them, so get everyone to hop on board and join the minion party!

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Star Wars

Fight for evil and transform your pet from dog to dewback in a flash. You won’t find a Dewbacks with out a stormtroopers by their side!

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Wizard of Oz Pet Costumes

Beware of The Witch

Make sure there are always treats in the house or your dog might just pull a trick, or spell I should say. The cauldron is brewing in the back and this witch isn’t afraid to use it to get her favorite doggy treats.

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Tin Puppy

When a pup is an empty kettle he should be on his mettle, but yet he’s torn apart. Dress as Dorothy and help Tin Puppy find his way to Oz to get a heart and don’t forget to drop a house on the wicked witch.

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Humorous Pet Costumes

The King

While we all know our dogs are the Kings of the house, they can now also be the King of Rock and Roll. As his biggest fan you will have him barking; Pet me, pet me very much.

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Santa’s Little Helper

Santa is starting early this year and your dog has been recruited as Santa’s helper in the workshop. There is a spot for everyone to help, even in the kitchen. Santa always needs his candy canes and cookies.

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For even more creative costumes for man’s best friend, be sure to check out the selection at Costume SuperCenter. The inventory of pet costumes is enough to keep you howling.

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