Torn Between Leprechauns and Rabbits

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With the coming of spring we are blessed with some magnificent holidays that provide the perfect opportunity to try out a new costume.  I’m browsing the costume catalog and pondering the next two special occasions on the calendar. In a few days, there is Saint Patrick’s Day so I have to decide quickly on that one. Soon to follow is Easter but I have a little more time to prepare for that one. My dilemma, you wonder? I am torn between Leprechauns and Rabbits!

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It’s tough choice I know. Why is it a dilemma for me? Well, I have a limited budget since there are several renaissance faires coming up this month and next. So what I have left to spend on costumes for these holidays is limited. I’m torn between spending the whole wad I’ve saved on St. Patrick’s Day and showing up as a decked out Leprechaun, complete with the pot of gold. (Do you know where I can rent one of these?)

For me, the choice of costume needs to be for quality, not quantity. I’m willing to spend a little extra to look really fantastic for one special holiday or one special occasion rather than to dress just so-so for two occasions. Dressing up should be memorable and you cannot go wrong with either of the choices I am considering. I’m referring back to the Leprechauns and Rabbits again.

Saint Patrick’s Day falls on Tuesday, March 17 in 2009. Festivities will begin this weekend across the country. Hurry and pick out your memorable Saint Paddy’s costume. But take your eyes off the one in the photo above. I’ve ordered the last one in stock! ( You know I ‘m just kidding, of course). You can buy the sexy Leprechaun costume at a great price because it is on sale right now.  I bet it will look great on you.

As for the rabbit costume, I have special plans for a professional writer’s get together that some friends have planned for Easter. I’m going to shock everyone when I step through the doors dressed in this risque yet chic sexy bunny costume. For someone who is usually dressed as a pirate queen or a wench or a gypsy, you can imagine the surprise on everyone’s face when I wear this classy rabbit costume.

Now should I carry a basket for the traditional Easter Egg hunt? I need to check the accessory section of my catalog. This ensemble will be perfect for mingling and after dinner cocktails, though it might be a bit chilly in some parts of the country.

It’s settled then. The Leprechaun costume is on sale at a good enough price for me to buy both outfits. I’m setting my calendar to attend both events. Great! I’m not torn anymore. I’m dressing up as a Leprechaun and a Rabbit.

Do you suppose my pirate sword can be easily concealed in either one of these costumes?