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Should the sale of toy guns and weapons be banned? On one hand, people are opposed to children playing with toy guns because “gun-play” can contribute to a culture of violence. On the other hand, some believe there is nothing wrong with children engaging in an imaginative game of cops and robbers. After all, we did it as kids and we turned out okay.

Kathryn Snyder, ATR-BC, LPC
Registered Art Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor
Director, Parent to Child

Halloween costumes such as cowboys or policemen are typically sold without the toy gun. Although a very limited number of prop guns are sold on our site, we do sell a wide variety of costume weapons such as swords, bow & arrow sets, and others. Do these items carry the same message of violence or are they simply a costume accessory?

Christine Hoskins-Tardibone, Ph.D., N.C.C
School Counselor, Auburn High School
Adjunct Professor, Syracuse University

Currently, toy guns are sold in stores throughout the United States with the exception of California, Minnesota and New York. The purchase or shipment of toy guns to these states is illegal.

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