Voyd Cosplay Tutorial

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Voyd Cosplay Tutorial- Incredibles II

The highest-grossing animated feature of all time in North America. No big deal. Incredibles 2 hit theaters and it wasn’t long before it smashed the record for a movie not rated PG-13. Talk about SUPER! We’re so glad the Parr family, a.k.a. the Incredibles, are back in spandex fighting crime together. But we really want to support all the new supers out there that are just getting started.

One of our favorite characters was Voyd. Her awesome powers of warping time and space to create portals made for such creative fight sequences in the movie. We’re glad Elastigirl got those goggles off before anything worse happened. Oh! Spoilers!

Incredibles 2 costumes for Bob, Helen, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack are everywhere, but we wanted to pay tribute to the newbie. So we asked Uncanny Megan to help create a look for Voyd from scratch. The photos of final look below all taken by @jlunasin. Keep reading the step by step instructions below to see how to recreate this look.

This tutorial is for Voyd from The Incredibles 2!

Voyd Cosplay Tutorial- Incredibles II

The materials I’m working with are:

  • 1 yard lime green spandex
  • 1 yard teal spandex
  • ¼ yard blue spandex
  • 1 teal zipper
  • 1 package Peel ‘n Stick Fabric Fuse
  • 1 sheet craft foam
  • 1 can Plasti Dip
  • Teal acrylic paint

Voyd Cosplay Tutorial Step 1

I started off with Kwik Sew K3502 and cut out all the pattern pieces for leotard A.

From there, I traced my front and back pieces onto newspaper and drew up a new pattern to include the color blocking on Voyd’s jumpsuit (the sleeve and collar pattern remained unaltered).

Voyd Cosplay Tutorial Step 2

Once all my pieces were drawn up and cut out, I placed them on their respective colors and cut my fabric pieces.

My first step for sewing was making the front and back pieces. I did this by facing each part right-side in and sewing them together with a zig-zag stitch.

Once I had three full pieces- one front and two back -I pinned and sewed my shoulders together on each side.

After the shoulders, it was time for the sleeves. Before attaching them, I double folded the bottom of each sleeve and sewed the hems.

Voyd Cosplay Tutorial Step 3

Once the hems were sewn, I pinned and sewed my sleeve caps to the shoulders.

Finally, I closed up the sides, all the way from the bottom of each sleeve to the hip, making sure to match up my seams where the blue meets the green in the process.

Next, I added the collar using an extra wide rectangle of green spandex, folded in half at the top.

Voyd Cosplay Tutorial Step 4

Once the collar was on, I moved on to the zipper. I carefully pinned my zipper down, assuring that the blue and green on the back would match up, and sewed it in place with a zipper foot.

Voyd Cosplay Tutorial Step 5

Afterward, I pinned and sewed the open back seam together and put a safety stitch over the bottom of the zipper.

Voyd Cosplay Tutorial Step 6

I then closed the crotch seam and hemmed the leg holes in the same fashion I had done the sleeves.

Voyd Cosplay Tutorial Step 7

Once the leotard was all sewn, I moved onto Voyd’s emblem. I started by drawing up a pattern on printer paper and cutting it out of the respective colors of fabric.

Then, using Peel ‘n Stick sheets, I Tetris’d together a full backing of sticky paper.

Voyd Cosplay Tutorial Step 8

Finally, I very carefully pulled away each piece of Peel ‘n Stick backing and stuck my emblem into place (since my torso is very short, I decided to place mine higher up than in the movie to avoid looking weird).

Voyd Cosplay Tutorial Step 9

My final step was the mask. I made this using a regular sheet of craft foam, some Plasti Dip, and a mixture of acrylic paints I already had at home.

I drew a mask onto my craft foam and cut it out.

After this, I coated it in Plasti Dip so it wouldn’t soak up my paint later on. Modge Podge or wood glue also work for coating foam, but in this case, Plasti dip was a good choice because it helps keep the foam flexible.

Once the Plasti Dip was dry, I took my acrylic paint and began painting mask.

Voyd Cosplay Tutorial- Incredibles II

For attachment purposes, I used eyelash glue, but adding a piece of elastic would be just as effective and not rip your makeup off afterward.

Voyd Cosplay Tutorial- Incredibles II Voyd Cosplay Tutorial- Incredibles II

After I finished the construction part of my costume, I ordered the last few pieces online. This included dark teal gloves and leggings, and a matching wig which I then had to cut. You don’t have to buy these items exactly, but they make good points of reference.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed learning about how to make Voyd!

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