Ways to Use Costumes When Playing April Fool’s Day Pranks

cubicle filled with balloons

The things you can do to play practical jokes on people for April Fools Day are endless. When you add scary or humorous costumes to the mix and makes the joke even better.

Zombie Apocalypse

Get yourself all done up with Zombie Makeup and a Zombie costume and head over to your friend’s house. Just before arriving, pull over where your car cannot be seen and call them up in a frantic panic. Tell your friend that you just heard a report on the radio that a virus was stolen from quarantine from a local hospital that can zombify people. Most likely, your friend won’t believe you but that’s OK. Scream out, “Oh my god, I think I see one!” and hang up. Then, speak up to your friends house and scare the daylights out of them in your zombie costume.

The Cubicle Clown Surprise

You will need to enlist the help of your coworkers for this one. You will also need to work in an office that has cubicles high enough that you can’t see over them when seated. When your coworker goes out to lunch, Dress up in a clown costume and sit in his/her chair. Have your other coworkers fill the cubicle with balloons. You will need many and it helps to have an air pump to speed things up. Fill the cube with balloons until you are completely buried. When your coworker returns from lunch he/she will love the balloon prank but the real surprise will come when you jump out and surprise them in your clown costume. This is especially good for people who are afraid of clowns.

cubicle filled with balloons

Oh My Goodness, You’re Pregnant!

Obviously this one is for women only. This April Fools Day joke is perfect for college students home for spring break, single women or for women that are past child bearing age. It works best if you plan to see people you haven’t seen in at least 3 months. All you’ll need is a belly attachment, readily available at online costume shops as a “Santa Belly.” Put is on under an oversized top or maternity top and test your acting skills. You can act nonchalant as if everyone knows your pregnant and see if they say something. Rub your belly for emphasis. If you get questioned say something like, “yeah, I guess I’ve been pretty busy since I last saw you.” The great thing about this gag is that you can make up so many different stories. I actually saw my college friend pull this prank on her boyfriend from home, who she had not seen since leaving for college in September. Of course, this was before Facebook and Instagram so it was easy to believe she was keeping a secret.

If you can think of a great April Fool’s Day joke or prank that involves a costume or disguise, let us know about it.