We’ve Got a Situation Here – The Situation Costume That Is

By August 26, 2010 In the News No Comments

There’s more to Jersey Shore than just Snooki. This is a Code Red! We’ve got a “Situation” here. What we’re talking about is The Situation Costume. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is the hot, first pumping heartthrob of Jersey Shore who is fast becoming Costume SuperCenter’s hottest Halloween item, and it hasn’t even hit the building yet!

The Situation Costume, Snooki,  and Pauly D Costumes are among the most sought after this Halloween. They are due in after September 20th and the pre-sales are crazy. If you want to secure yours, you’d better do it now.

The Situation costume captures Mike Sorrentino’s urban hottie style. To shore locals he seems more like a guy dressed in a Guido Halloween get-up than an ordinary guy but that’s what makes him stand out. That’s also what puts “The Situation” high on our list of red hot costumes for 2010.

The Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino Costume features a black tank top with “The Situation” in red letters across the front. The tank top is attached to a full muscle shirt with bulging arms, chest and especially his trademark 6-pack abs, which he flashes at every given opportunity. Top is off with a wig of his meticulously styled and gelled lid and you’ve got it going on!

As far as men’s Halloween costumes go, most guys go for humor. You need to decide for yourself whether this outfit is a tribute or a parody. Regardless, there is nothing funny about the $5 Million Sorrentino is poised to make this year between a new workout video, clothing line, rap music and an impending gig on Dancing With the Stars. Mike is the big name in the group now, giving Snooki a run for her money. It looks like The Situation towers over her in stature and status.

Get your Jersey Shore costumes now from Costume SuperCenter and you’ll be guaranteed to have one wild Halloween.