What is it With the Jonas Brothers?

By August 28, 2009 In the News No Comments

Jonas Brothers photo courtesy of flickr

My 12 year old daughter lives and breathes for the Jonas Brothers. These three brothers from New Jersey have taken the Disney loving tween world by storm.  Personally, I don’t mind. They are really sweet, wholesome guys. They’re the kind of boys you don’t mind your daughter dating. Some of their songs are really good too. I wouldn’t put their CDs on if she wasn’t in the car with me but I definitely find myself singing along even though to me they sound like they are writhing in pain, constipated and just been kicked in the privates. I’m still holding out hope that their voices are still changing because regardless of their voices, their songs are still catchy.

Nick Jonas is the youngest and is regarded as the leader of the band; the head songwriter and producer. He seems to be the most popular of the 3. He is also the most famous, having started his career on Broadway at the ripe old age of 7. If not for him and his discovery as a solo artist, the band may not have come to be.

Joe Jonas, the sexy, most exotic looking of the 3, favors the microphone but has instrumental skills that are on par with his brothers.  He is in a very close running as the cutest. For my daughter, it’s a tie with Nick but her opinion changes. I must say, he was really cute as Shane Gray in Camp Rock. He’s not the greatest actor but his chemistry with Demi Lovato who played Mitchie Torres was sweet.  By the way, you can find Shane and Mitchie Camp Rock Halloween Costumes at Costume SuperCenter.

As for Kevin Jonas, I feel bad for Kevin. It seems he is the least favored of the three bothers. He’s the oldest and the lead guitarist. Kevin prefers to stay away from the microphone and let his guitar do the singing, probably a smart idea. Fun and energetic, when we saw them live in concert he was the one I paid the most attention to. Recently, he announced his engagement at the age of 21. 21? It’s just too young. He must really take the purity ring thing seriously if he can’t wait “A Little Bit Longer.”

All jabs aside, props have to go to their parents. For all that can be publicly observed, the Jonas Brothers seem like responsible, grounded and well raised young men who want to make a difference to the world in many ways. Their future seems bright and I hope they have longevity is the fickle business of Pop music. Hopefully, their personal beliefs will remain and they won’t be seeing them on the covers of the tabloids like so many other young stars. As for the girls who love them, it will be interesting to see how these tweens and teens grow with the band.  After all, tween girls’ mind’s change like the wind blows.