What to Wear to Work

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Picking out what I’ll wear to work every morning is just a normal morning ritual, nothing spectacular and no big deal. It made me think; “What was it like someone back in the Renaissance era? What was it like for a Nobleman to prepare his outfit for the day?

I’m sure a Nobleman didn’t spend much time selecting the perfect outfit to wear for his day “at work”. I’m sure he didn’t even worry if it was crumbled on the floor and all wrinkled. Now that I think about it, did he worry about wrinkles? And, wouldn’t a Nobleman have a female who looked after his needs?

Going through my list of Renaissance “types”, I could be wrong about the time frame, but some of the others that come to mind are a Musketeer, a Lady in Waiting, a Peasant, a Medieval Maiden, a Tavern Man, and a Viking Warrior or Knight. Oh, and I can’t forget about the ever popular King and Queen. Even all of these dress similar, they dressed very different too.


One of my favorites from the time, I’m sure for obvious reasons, is the Musketeer! Who doesn’t love one of these guys? If they were anything like they are portrayed in Hollywood, I’m sure he definitely cared about how he was dressed for his day of work and had his own daily ritual for getting dressed.

But, how about what it must have been like to be the Queen? You know she cared about what she wore for the day, and I bet she cared even more about wrinkles! I’m really wondering how they got wrinkles out now. I wonder if they use a hot iron heated over a fire or smooth rocks, hmm… I guess I’ll have to spend little time with Google.

Evil Queen

Think about all that dress! Not to mention what went on under it. That’s a lot of work and when I think about how tight the bodice was, at least by Hollywood’s stand point, how could they stand all that heavy costume on top of not having much room to breathe? Good grief! Not for me! I would have ended up being a Peasant Lady or a Tavern Wrench just so I didn’t have to wear all that and so I could breathe!


What would you prefer? Who would be your favorite to dress up like?