Who’s Hiding Inside That Costume?

By February 2, 2010 In the News No Comments

Costumes are a great way for celebrities to disguise themselves and go out in public. Just take the example of Toby Maguire. Monday’s Daily Dish blog posted a story about how Toby McGuire wears his super hero outfit away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi so he can entertain kids. “The actor keeps one of the web-slinging action hero’s costumes hanging in his wardrobe and reveals he has a tendency to don the one-piece bodysuit to surprise kids with a few Spider-Man stunts to keep himself in shape.” It will make you wonder the next time you see a superhero at a birthday party who is beneath the mask.

Several years ago, singer/songwriter John Mayer made a TV show. In one segment he is seen walking around the parking lot of the concert venue dressed in a Bear costume. His goal was to get the fans’ perspective and see what goes on in the parking lot before his concerts. He got some good insight and no one was the wiser.

Then again, some celebrities try to disguise themselves but stick out like a sore thumb. Look at Joaquin Phoenix. You can barely see his face beneath that Grizzly Adams beard of his and if you didn’t know him personally you’d never recognize him. He made the mistake of appearing on television with a face full of hair. Now his disguise is blown. But I guess it doesn’t matter because he seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth anyway.

If celebrities want to buy costumes that will keep them incognito, maybe Spiderman outfits and bear suits are not the best choices. The same can be said for hiding under big hoodies, behind ginormous sunglasses or wrapping your face with a wooly scarf which only make you look like you’re trying to hide.

To all you celebs out there I suggest you give up trying to hide. The paparazzi (who I agree are all scum) will find you no matter what you do so embrace the life you’ve chosen and save the costumes for the set.